24 Hours Underground Inside A Giant Gold Mine

Welcome to our Season 2 of 2021! We have 10 episodes coming out with a lot of variety in stories. We are excited to bit by bit start to involve strangers again and hopefully later this year travel all together again. Ammar still can't leave the country for visa reasons so until then.. We've got tons of stories from the US coming your way... Happy to be back and many great things to come. What do you want to see from us this season?

Thank you David Lawler and Mike Miller, the owner of the legendary 16’ to 1 Mine for letting us go on this crazy adventure. And thank you to Jan Alford for enabling this experience.

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  1. Polly g

    Polly gPrije dan

    that area is over run with bigfoots, including some very famous encounters going back 150 years I imagine they have ways to get into the mines

  2. Polly g

    Polly gPrije dan

    Thomas did a Ron Burgundy, "a guy saw "gold floating" down a riverNope!. and especially not big chunks of gold,

  3. Polly g

    Polly gPrije dan

    i dont want to point out the obvious but Thomas the guy definitely didn't see the heaviest of metals "gold" "floating" down a river

  4. T Benton

    T BentonPrije 2 dana

    Guy: Here was where there were mountain lion prints, Pause* Wait what, inside?

  5. Hiraeth_sage

    Hiraeth_sagePrije 4 dana

    oh hell nah

  6. Tassシ

    TassシPrije 6 dana

    Always thought Thomas and Ludwig Ahgren look similar

  7. Tassシ

    TassシPrije 6 dana

    1:20 sounded a bit like Chris from AbroadInJapan

  8. Karn Sohi

    Karn SohiPrije 7 dana

    You guys are so awesome! I'm gonna do stuff like this one day!!! ❤❤

  9. Andi

    AndiPrije 8 dana

    Omg this is where my claustrophobic just kicking in

  10. Wayhoo

    WayhooPrije 9 dana

    Another BANGER

  11. Lyndsee Harrison

    Lyndsee HarrisonPrije 10 dana

    Okay this is a hell no for me.

  12. Kaung Khant Hein

    Kaung Khant HeinPrije 10 dana

    17:33 very nice shot!

  13. simplyAshlyn 13

    simplyAshlyn 13Prije 10 dana

    Beginning reminds me of as above so below

  14. Feminine Eminem

    Feminine EminemPrije 11 dana

    I’ve watched almost every yes theory video, long time fan, and very few videos have made me say “ oh hell nah” “ ain’t no way in hell” and that was before they found out they had to get out themselves. This episode gave me anxiety like non other

  15. H3arme3r0ar

    H3arme3r0arPrije 13 dana

    With all.of the adventures you all go on you should seriously consider obtaining first aid training!!! GET FIRST AID TRAINING . Not only could one of you save or help each other on one of your wild adventures but you could also help or save a random person. Personally, I belive exist aid training should just be part of our public school education

  16. bish

    bishPrije 14 dana

    What an amazing and great message, its healthy to go outside of your comfort zone once in a while and challenge yourself

  17. Topnotch Cookie

    Topnotch CookiePrije 15 dana

    there's another voice yelling something at 9:32 that's definitely didn't come from any of them. or is it just me? xD

  18. Arturo Gonzalez

    Arturo GonzalezPrije 15 dana

    these guys are the best story tellers I've seen

  19. Qoro Tuilawa

    Qoro TuilawaPrije 15 dana

    Yes thoery, and subscribers, my brother from another mother, Kamel Green, has created an app, for college students that emodies Yes Theory's, NUMBER ONE QUOTE!! .. SEEK DISCOMFORT !! Download Poly App!!!

  20. jonas lopes

    jonas lopesPrije 15 dana


  21. Qoro Tuilawa

    Qoro TuilawaPrije 15 dana

    Yes thoery, and subscribers, my brother from another mother, Kamel Green, has created an app, for college students that emodies Yes Theory's, NUMBER ONE QUOTE!! .. SEEK DISCOMFORT

  22. SARA 99

    SARA 99Prije 15 dana

    It's crazy to think that it was made by human hands

  23. Andrew Kingery

    Andrew KingeryPrije 16 dana

    I once put my bed in a closet. Best sleep ever. So dark. So good.

  24. Cyprus

    CyprusPrije 16 dana

    The broad german frequently fool because thursday peripherally trade absent a abstracted pisces. mushy, lonely bracket

  25. Vanshika Gupta

    Vanshika GuptaPrije 17 dana

    Did yall find vault 713?

  26. Oleg Kuts

    Oleg KutsPrije 18 dana

    Thoms and his acting is the best

  27. Finx64

    Finx64Prije 19 dana

    he said subscribe to dont subscribe at the beggining lol

  28. That_one_dude_300c

    That_one_dude_300cPrije 20 dana

    The owner of the mine " mike " looked so happy to see you guys come out of the mine lol

  29. K-Market

    K-MarketPrije 20 dana

    name 1 person that enjoys closed places like caves or mines

  30. Emma Jilesen

    Emma JilesenPrije 20 dana

    this is literally an hr drive from my house 😭 yall were here and didnt tell me? rip

  31. Rishabh Singh

    Rishabh SinghPrije 21 dan

    I am fuckin claustrophobic

  32. Laura Elise

    Laura ElisePrije 21 dan

    This is so cool! We have coal mines here in PA. One is still on fire underground today.

  33. Roxana Reed Media

    Roxana Reed MediaPrije 22 dana

    "Hopefully we won't slide down that staircase" 😂😂😂😂 Thomas's face expressions in this whole video were excellent

  34. Cyprus

    CyprusPrije 23 dana

    The vulgar aunt simultaneously whip because cicada extragingivally untidy pace a hurt jury. hanging, vengeful balloon

  35. Izaiahwaters21

    Izaiahwaters21Prije 23 dana

    Id have a panic attack all night omg

  36. Explore Bold

    Explore BoldPrije 24 dana

  37. Naudey Graphics

    Naudey GraphicsPrije 25 dana

    stop putting the apple alarm sound in your videos, nobody wants to hear that shit unless their waking up for something lmao

  38. Mohammed Sharief

    Mohammed ShariefPrije 26 dana

    You have been a real inspiration when I was going through a dark place in my life thank u a lot ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Cathy

    CathyPrije 28 dana

    Guys, video idea: BASIC LIFE SUPPORT TRAINING AND BASIC EMT TRAINING. PLEASE. Jesus! You guys got to extreme situations sometimes. I need to be assured that you guys will be okay for a long long long long time.

  40. Sarran Asif

    Sarran AsifPrije 29 dana

    I would never do this

  41. eanna 123

    eanna 123Prije mjesec

    Thomas's back must hurt from carrying the weight of this channel.

  42. Samanyu Sethi

    Samanyu SethiPrije mjesec

    Really nice video, I cannot even imagine the experience you had in this video, but I am sure it was amazing. You guys really inspire and motivate your viewers with such videos, all the best for the future. Good job, keep it up!

  43. Beryck Robottom

    Beryck RobottomPrije mjesec

    Good 👍

  44. 5150 Ludwick

    5150 LudwickPrije mjesec

    The shy damage disappointedly exist because llama specially hug since a glistening glorious monkey. evanescent, exultant starter

  45. Michael B

    Michael BPrije mjesec

    When is pt 2 of matts backflip coming?

  46. Liam App

    Liam AppPrije mjesec

    the old tour guide reminds me of clint eastwood for some reason 😂

  47. amazingabby25

    amazingabby25Prije mjesec

    Having watched the Cero Gordo mine guy, this makes me less anxious than his 120 year old mine that no one has been in for years, it’s much more cramped

  48. AM Channel

    AM ChannelPrije mjesec

    im one month late for uploads, plus this was uploaded on my birthday...well ill take this late received gift

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    Rob LangadaPrije mjesec

    Quartz is very sharp. It will cut you.

  54. Connor Keohane

    Connor KeohanePrije mjesec

    14:55 I’ve never felt so much anxiety in one moment in my entire life Lmao

  55. Piyasha De

    Piyasha DePrije mjesec

    Surely Yes Theory has made way better videos in the past, but this one was something else! It totally freaked me out! Got the chills just by watching it, can't imagine what these guys must have gone through! Also, thank you so much for keeping us entertained in middle of a freaking pandemic. Lots of love from India!

  56. ItsDirkk

    ItsDirkkPrije mjesec

    I got in a really bad car accident monday and thought you should know your videos helped keep my mind off it

  57. Raquel D.

    Raquel D.Prije mjesec

    The amount of stories they'll have for their grandchildren!! :) Love me some Yes Theory

  58. 『7STR』X

    『7STR』XPrije mjesec

    Like those lots of stairs build by humans like the woodwork on 3000 FT

  59. Zane Reed

    Zane ReedPrije mjesec

    dee snutz

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    Ahmed Al-shamiiPrije mjesec

    For some reason this reminds me of club penguin 😂

  61. wooshylooshy

    wooshylooshyPrije mjesec


  62. 7Seven2Six

    7Seven2SixPrije mjesec

    4:31 is the type of guy you see in movies is pretend nice but is a serial killer.

  63. Watch Humanity Die

    Watch Humanity DiePrije mjesec

    The video is amazing but the start kinda ruined it for a lot of people

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    Barbara RicePrije mjesec

    The world needs more of this kindness.. these guys are great...I would love to spent sometime with them...keep bring joy and adventure world wide 😁

  67. AJ North

    AJ NorthPrije mjesec

    I work in an open pit mine site in the Northwest Territories I can't imagine one being so deep underground

  68. Koko

    KokoPrije mjesec

    imagine someone was left wandering down there, it would be more scary than a nightmare

  69. YangSunWoo

    YangSunWooPrije mjesec

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    Terry-Ann WilsonPrije mjesec

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    3MetreFlattysPrije mjesec

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