96 Hours Inside Afghanistan in 2020

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This week, I went to Afghanistan and discovered something about this incredible country that I never expected. We can't wait to see Noor's school develop and are so incredibly grateful to this community for giving us the ability to make these life-changing dreams come true.

Check out Drew Binsky’s video on the trip here!

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Produced by Alex Sandstedt


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes TheoryPrije 8 mjeseci

    Hey everyone, this is obviously a sensitive video for a few different reasons but I hope that you watch it with an open mind and enjoy an unusual story that I think is rarely told. Either way, I’m happy you’re here 🙏

  2. skitpårej

    skitpårejPrije dan

    Its so crazy watching this as a woman because it looks really nice and Im happy for you guys! But at the same time I know I probably would not survive if doing the same...

  3. gitana dayer

    gitana dayerPrije dan

    whal I'm a soo touched a wit a dat a video 🙏🏽❤

  4. gitana dayer

    gitana dayerPrije dan

    I a love it a sendin love n a prayers from a Bonnie Scotland 😍🙏🏽💙❤💚

  5. caleb beraud

    caleb beraudPrije 6 dana

    That was my experience while I was deployed there as well.

  6. paradise

    paradisePrije 6 dana

    @Ehsan sarshar shut up. It is dangerous I am an afghan too

  7. Hasse Banan

    Hasse BananPrije 52 minuta

    bara jag som grät? mår typ skit för hur mke jag har dömt alla länder i mellanöstern… nej men skäms verkligen Det är ju inte deras fel att vissa väljer dåliga val eller vägar, eller blir tvingade in i det, men det här fick mig att verkligen förstå att det är inte alla… det är inte alla som gör det här, fan asså skäms så mke för hur jag dömt dom…

  8. László Hentes

    László HentesPrije 55 minuta


  9. Maria Coronas

    Maria CoronasPrije 2 sati

    Beautiful, beautiful, so much compassion, love and oneness. I will love to hear about Nor’s school. Gracias 🙏❤️

  10. Big Dimples

    Big DimplesPrije 5 sati

    One thing that is a fact, is that guys will always be guys, no matter the race or language spoken, guys click so naturally. Thanks for the amazing adventure and a view of the untold sides of Afganistan.

  11. Ahmad Muzamil Faqeerzai

    Ahmad Muzamil FaqeerzaiPrije 9 sati

    I am living in the most dangerous country which you are traveling for the first time

  12. SS

    SSPrije 9 sati

  13. Vibin Vp

    Vibin VpPrije 11 sati

    I love you for doing this

  14. Geo Gruia

    Geo GruiaPrije 14 sati

    Dude Afg. Was ocupied and had wars before soviet union imvasion , from contemporary and modern history till back in medieval and older periods.....wtf ur content is so acurate but that intro rly makes u look silly for aomeone who knows a itzi bitzy of afg. History ....

  15. Marisa Zaremba

    Marisa ZarembaPrije 14 sati

    Anyone know the song that starts playing at 9:47?

  16. Siara

    SiaraPrije 15 sati

    This video would have 10’s of millions of views if they titled it “I traveled to Afghanistan and smoked hash”. This is probably one of my favorite videos

  17. Siara

    SiaraPrije 15 sati

    Thomas didn’t come to play with that fit

  18. Sarah Mayar

    Sarah MayarPrije 18 sati

    Thanks for making this vedio! As an afghan , I want to say we dont want war and we will remove war from our country!

  19. Ali Rahman

    Ali RahmanPrije 19 sati

    8:05 child is trying to fly a kite made from plastic, something i take for granted.

  20. Pdeti RocpaP

    Pdeti RocpaPPrije 19 sati

    The lowly account significantly move because hubcap july fear concerning a homeless support. wacky, lush risk

  21. Alasdair Hicks

    Alasdair HicksPrije 19 sati

    Somebody gonna say dressing up as afghan is appropriation. Just waiting for that comment...

  22. pinkcloud

    pinkcloudPrije 20 sati

    22:38: i think he was trying to say "this is my friend"? hahah "dost" means close friend but can also translate to love

  23. pinkcloud

    pinkcloudPrije 20 sati

    18:36 that guy said "where are you from?" it's cute that he assumed they could understand him lol

  24. Will Chatman

    Will ChatmanPrije 23 sati

    I served in Afghanistan as a Marine and thought I knew enough about this country to last a lifetime. Thank you for opening my eyes to the beautiful part that I didn’t get to experience. These people are worth saving and loving just like anyone else in the world. Thank you.

  25. Anup verma

    Anup vermaPrije dan

    Wow, even this war-torn country is considerably cleaner than India.

  26. Ali G.

    Ali G.Prije dan

    when they took out the hash lol 😂

  27. n-n Encañao

    n-n EncañaoPrije dan

    entré pensando que vería una historia de miedo y temas muy densos y vi temas densos pero con un alo de esperanza que me dejó contento, solo puedo esperar que logre construir su escuela y que sea un buen paso hacia el mejoramiento de este país

  28. lewis

    lewisPrije dan

    If this video didn’t make you smile then idk what’s up with you man.

  29. LadySirinn

    LadySirinnPrije dan


  30. Biden daniel joe

    Biden daniel joePrije dan

    Wow. Very good work. Great experience. The donation won my heart.

  31. Bryan Cristancho

    Bryan CristanchoPrije dan

    “He just wants to try it” I’m cryin 🥺🥺🥺

  32. Sir Memealot

    Sir MemealotPrije dan

    Religion is not about becoming the most powerful clan/overpowering other nationalities ..its all about love and connection ..it won't matter if you're from another galaxy..its the LOVE that matters!

  33. Without Mixture

    Without MixturePrije dan

    24 year olds are so funny.

  34. Pato Vicencio

    Pato VicencioPrije dan

    Big heart Afghanistanees very, so so beautiful. Thanks

  35. Malcolm

    MalcolmPrije dan

    Read "The Kite Runner" it tells the story Of Amir, a kid in Afghanistan.

  36. gitana dayer

    gitana dayerPrije dan

    I a would love to a help in any way I a can we in da a West have a to much let's a share 🙏🏽❤

  37. Sliced Potato

    Sliced PotatoPrije dan

    Man, I don't remember laughing so much, and crying so much in one video

  38. I

    IPrije 2 dana

    Imposter driving the bike on 7:54

  39. Minej Mosuris

    Minej MosurisPrije 2 dana

    Funnly enough one of my friends lives in Mazar e-sharif, but-.... I speak to him on the phone nearly every day, and the more we talk the worse I feel about his situation, because the situation with the Taliban NEVER seems to get better😔😟.... A while ago (maybe like 2 or 3 weeks ago) he told me that the Taliban had taken over the city right next to him, and that they will likely take over Mazar e-sharif in the next week or 2.... He told me that the US soldiers do most of the work, and when they leave its not even a question IF Afganistan will fall, its WHEN will it fall

  40. Minej Mosuris

    Minej MosurisPrije 2 dana

    Now imagine this.... The Number of "safe" places in Afgan are HEAVILY outnumbered by the number of bad places, just because of the Taliban

  41. beatriz rey

    beatriz reyPrije 2 dana

    for me was the kids playing and wanting him to join them! this made me cry..

  42. Arvid

    ArvidPrije 2 dana

    Idk how but I got sooo good feeling of this video. Love my country AFG❤️

  43. Mon tana

    Mon tanaPrije 2 dana

    3:38 why are white people like this?!?!?! Smfh

  44. helpme

    helpmePrije 2 dana

    I've been to many countries and Afghanistan was the only country where the passport control personnel tried to get money from me. Telling me I had fake documents. Like why would I have fake documents to get into Afghanistan...Get real. Also I lived there for almost 2 years.

  45. Warriors Champions

    Warriors ChampionsPrije 2 dana

    Afghanistan, a land of deeply misunderstood...

  46. Your Husband Is My Boyfriend

    Your Husband Is My BoyfriendPrije 2 dana

    They have nice clean streets. Can’t say that about the US.

  47. Alex Svensone

    Alex SvensonePrije 2 dana

    Thank you so much for showing us everywhere. That is the situation in my country Afghanistan, something is good and something is bad. Love to both of you guys!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Please make more of those kind of videos from my country.

  48. Jim White

    Jim WhitePrije 2 dana

    It is gut-wrenching to know that such a small number of Taliban can dominate so much of Afghanistan in only one months time. I have internet friends in Afghanistan. Yes even there in such a basic country there is internet. They are all great interesting intelligent people. Maybe it's time the Afghani people stand up and do something about such extremist repressive rule with such a minority.

  49. Inwikz

    InwikzPrije 3 dana

    you're a good man doing good things. Cheers from America

  50. D Evans

    D EvansPrije 3 dana

    They looked so handsome in the native clothing. 😩

  51. Luis V

    Luis VPrije 3 dana

    Islam is not a religion is a cult my friends

  52. Luis V

    Luis VPrije 3 dana

    Dressing like them? and why when they come here to the USA they don't dress like us as respect and force the woman to wear those pieces of curtains all over their bodies?

  53. Evan Okeefe

    Evan OkeefePrije 3 dana

    I'm really glad to hear that it seems the US military is protecting these people from the Taliban

  54. Nate Johnson

    Nate JohnsonPrije 16 minuta

    Not anymore unfortunately

  55. Jonathan Savard

    Jonathan SavardPrije 3 dana

    im out of words.. what a beautiful video ! it got me emotional ! Peace ! \m/

  56. mike sprigg

    mike spriggPrije 3 dana

    Dnt try beautify a cess pit

  57. Muzaffar Mamatkhonov

    Muzaffar MamatkhonovPrije 3 dana

    Do about Tajikistan

  58. ATB Since 1998

    ATB Since 1998Prije 3 dana

    afghans look like a mixing of asian, arabs and white people

  59. Daniel Borrego

    Daniel BorregoPrije 3 dana

    23:45 is that a Banksy? and if not does anyone know the artist

  60. symbolsandsystems

    symbolsandsystemsPrije 4 dana

    consider the investments in and profits of covid testing; they won't give it up easily. i think the most dangerous country in the world is possibly Chicago. Taliban, Freemasons ... they all look like normal people.

  61. Anoop Sankar

    Anoop SankarPrije 4 dana

    Best video ever

  62. Neek Foster

    Neek FosterPrije 4 dana

    I loved everything about this 🥰 soo beautiful

  63. Linger A Little Longer

    Linger A Little LongerPrije 4 dana

    "There’s good and evil everywhere ". You haven’t been to Tesco.

  64. Avinash Rai

    Avinash RaiPrije 4 dana

    *it's sad 2 see some Muslims still support TALIBAN.... Everyone has d rights to live freely..*

  65. Avinash Rai

    Avinash RaiPrije 4 dana

    *AFGHANISTAN is such a beautiful country... Salam to all my brothers & sisters FROM INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️*


    SHAUN VINDAPrije 4 dana

    Noah looks Mexican, Noah jimenez

  67. corey scott

    corey scottPrije 4 dana

    The world is a better place with people like this in it.

  68. Mercedes Joy

    Mercedes JoyPrije 4 dana

    Noor is such a gentle spirit

  69. HotDragon95

    HotDragon95Prije 4 dana

    I know its been months since this was posted, but for all those that want to donate to Noor's cause, or set up a go fund me or something you can do so on their tour guide website here: www.letsbefriendsafghanistan.com/noor-foundation/ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Narcisse Yvancy

    Narcisse YvancyPrije 4 dana

    Come to Haiti 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  71. HVAC GUY

    HVAC GUYPrije 4 dana

    Watching this 33 minute video did not change my mind about Afghanistan. Hate to break it to ya. But needles to say that was interesting.

  72. Karel Svoboda

    Karel SvobodaPrije 4 dana

    Now when all troops will leave, whole Afghanistan will be overtaken by Taliban...

  73. Anonymous

    AnonymousPrije 4 dana

    I’m glad they had an amazing time but I’m never going to Afghanistan

  74. KP's Classes

    KP's ClassesPrije 5 dana

    Feels some deep rooted connection with this lovely country unfortunately tortured by extremists. . .

  75. Ghost Fox

    Ghost FoxPrije 5 dana

    2020 and they are still living like it’s the 1600s. Isn’t Islam wonderful!?

  76. Mayette Moran

    Mayette MoranPrije 5 dana

    Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing

  77. Koala boy Gaming

    Koala boy GamingPrije 5 dana

    Now I wanna go to Afghanistan

  78. Cranky Cockney

    Cranky CockneyPrije 5 dana

    My local corner shop at the end of the street is owned by Iraqis. Who knows what the family has seen. Great video love from Nottingham UK.

  79. Alexandru Chira

    Alexandru ChiraPrije 5 dana

    well,know that americans left the talibans are going to take over afganistan so this may be the last videos from a free and democratic afganistans

  80. Teja Mironidou

    Teja MironidouPrije 5 dana

    vaa är du svensk ??

  81. Captain_ Cosmos

    Captain_ CosmosPrije 5 dana

    I hope afghanistan will be peaceful one day and i hope they can defeat the taliban and other terrorist group.... This country is full of cool things.... Love for Afghanistan from the Philippines!🇵🇭

  82. The Come Up Report

    The Come Up ReportPrije 5 dana

    Your channel has changed my perspective on life. You are an amazing human being.... ❤

  83. Ayesha Pervaiz

    Ayesha PervaizPrije 5 dana

    I had no idea that i was crying for this whole time

  84. Charlie Tango

    Charlie TangoPrije 5 dana

    Khaled Hosseini’s books brought me here. Made me interested with all things Afghanistan. Hope to visit soon.

  85. Ricardo Viatruso

    Ricardo ViatrusoPrije 5 dana

    Now I want to visit Afghanistan 🇦🇫.

  86. sahilsingh wazir

    sahilsingh wazirPrije 5 dana

    India was and always will be with Afghanistan in every thick and thin

  87. Gamer boy Winner

    Gamer boy WinnerPrije 5 dana

    I hope people's opinion changed about countries like these.

  88. isayiah

    isayiahPrije 5 dana

    plot twist, he funded the taliban

  89. adrian

    adrianPrije 5 dana

  90. Pari Kalkal

    Pari KalkalPrije 5 dana

    Noor the guide just had the best most warmest smile, sending love his way

  91. Prashant Prashant

    Prashant PrashantPrije 5 dana

    Too bad this beautiful country is being torn to pieces as we speak.

  92. caleb beraud

    caleb beraudPrije 6 dana

    Despite me being deployed over there, I loved my time there; there was a lot of beauty. I loved the mountains, the sky line and stars at night. The blue ceramics, the food etc

  93. Gorg

    GorgPrije 6 dana

    As you talked about education, you should have shown at least one picture of a girl

  94. Cindy H

    Cindy HPrije 6 dana

    Of course they wouldn't run away with your camera.....I've been to Afghanistan as well and met wonderful people....very warm and welcoming...beautiful video of a beautiful place....praying for peace for them

  95. Gorg

    GorgPrije 6 dana

    I wish I were a man

  96. Amy Hughes

    Amy HughesPrije 6 dana

    Watching this episode made me subscribe. I have very close friends from Pakistan and I love them so much. They are some of the most precious people I know.

  97. Ankit Rao

    Ankit RaoPrije 6 dana

    13:10...he is hazrat zazai the Afgani cricketer

  98. Marvell Mond

    Marvell MondPrije 6 dana

    Watching this video and now learning the US is withdrawing from Afghanistan is devastating :(

  99. Valeria Escamilla

    Valeria EscamillaPrije 6 dana

    Sucks women cant do shit though, like when that guy was like “what can i do for you” and those women couldnt even say hello and he couldnt even acknowledge or its disrespectful. I get its culture but thats some bs discrimination 😂

  100. That Girl

    That GirlPrije 6 dana

    What a beautiful video. Such love from one human to another. I wonder if it would be the same if you were an American woman in Afghanistan. What would the interactions be like?!

  101. Elaf Alghamdi

    Elaf AlghamdiPrije 6 dana

    Noor is such a good man , his loyalty to his country is beyond everything!! God bless him and to these poor lovely Afghanistan and for their open hearts . My prayers to this country to survive one day

  102. Marge Simpsson

    Marge SimpssonPrije 6 dana

    My boyfriend is Hazara. I did not know anything about the racism and discrimination Hazara people face in afghanistan/iran/pakistan before i met him. But i think this is SO important to talk about more. So this comment is just to bring attention to this. Hazaras are targets of the taliban. Hazaras get killed. HAZARA LIVES MATTER.

  103. Mrgn Ch

    Mrgn ChPrije 6 dana

    When you see the kids happy with kits and ours are sad with iPhones…

  104. The Carlsson Life

    The Carlsson LifePrije 7 dana

    Thank you for sharing these videos. There are so much more to these countries, Iraq, Afghanistan and to the whole middleeast that are lost in the alarm that is our newsflow. There is beauty, culture, kindness and genuine people that we so easily miss out on as we join in judging the country bases on the little we know. Thanks to both Tom and Drew for sharing and a HUGE thanks to Noor for taking us out on this journey.

  105. Astarr l

    Astarr lPrije 7 dana

    Afghanis are great people, great culture, good food,I know a few of them and I love them, love to visit Afghanistan but they advised me not to

  106. Tenzin Tsamchoe

    Tenzin TsamchoePrije 7 dana

    I was crying while watching vedio you have done amazing job contributing to needy one for their development.