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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry
Produced by Nathan Lam


  1. Christian Espino

    Christian EspinoPrije 5 dana

    People thought that Matt is also naked but he’s not, its sad

  2. H3arme3r0ar

    H3arme3r0arPrije 12 dana

    Need to learn how to build a fire/basic survival skills and first aid with all these adventures

  3. TheCrazyVulpixGuy

    TheCrazyVulpixGuyPrije 16 dana

    I mean wearing underwear wouldn’t be absurd

  4. North London Is Red!

    North London Is Red!Prije 18 dana

    Imagine if that drone had belonged to someone else.

  5. Sandra In The Sky

    Sandra In The SkyPrije 20 dana

    I want a screen saver of the victory pan shot! Without the black blocks! Woohooo!

  6. Zachary in the hills

    Zachary in the hillsPrije 22 dana

    I feel Matt and Tom should also have gone on this! ;) The sky is sooooooooo freaking clear there! OMG!

  7. Surprise Adventures

    Surprise AdventuresPrije 23 dana

    Hilarious video! Very interesting idea for a desert video lol. Just want to say, I'm all for epic footage in National Parks but I wish people would respect the drone laws. It's not just for the people enjoying the park, it's also for the wildlife that are nesting or living in that habitat. Also, if people think there's no consequence, then more and more will do it. Adding to the problem. Not trying to crack down on it, just trying to raise awareness!

  8. Milind Sinha Ray

    Milind Sinha RayPrije 26 dana

    What does the black square signify ?🤭


    RETA YOUNGPrije 26 dana

    well i hate my freind and dont ask

  10. N J

    N JPrije mjesec

    cam is f'ing hot as hell. p.s. this is how you get a sunburn on your privates. plus scorpions and stuff. terrible idea.

  11. Dana Jones

    Dana JonesPrije mjesec

    Lmao yall are way too comfortable with eachother 🤣🤣

  12. RavenFPS

    RavenFPSPrije mjesec

    ok but the morning wood when they wake up would be awkward

  13. Oscar

    OscarPrije mjesec

    according to ncadv.org, domestic abuse was 46% lower for households that practiced casual nudity! LEGALIZE!

  14. YouFlow

    YouFlowPrije mjesec

    Editing this must have been fun 😀

  15. EpikGamur96

    EpikGamur96Prije mjesec

    Bro 10°C is not cold although I am in the UK so the cold is aight

  16. go away

    go awayPrije mjesec

    Why didn't they cuddle is the real question...

  17. eimbored

    eimboredPrije mjesec

    That section with Matt caught me off guard 😂

  18. Ozzy BS

    Ozzy BSPrije mjesec

    can u imagine if that drone wasnt for them lmao

  19. Aadrian Burn

    Aadrian BurnPrije mjesec

    This reminds me of broke back mountain 😂😂😂

  20. TappByte

    TappBytePrije mjesec

    Damn the editors have to have been paid a lot to see these guys naked for 24 hours lmao

  21. sagar kandel

    sagar kandelPrije mjesec

    RIP for the editor of this vedio

  22. ItzJustKris

    ItzJustKrisPrije mjesec

    Idk if their actually naked but Ide never be able to do this

  23. L1stn

    L1stnPrije mjesec

    So what if you slipped on some rocks while naked? Imagine how much more painful it is.

  24. Sarah Rose

    Sarah RosePrije mjesec

    I challenge you to have no contact with your family or any people you know in a place you’ve never been, and no nice clothes, used, ungroomed to live on the streets and try and work your way up for 5 years and you can’t use any of your former resume which is the result of priveldge and no team to save u and no money.

  25. Sarah Rose

    Sarah RosePrije mjesec

    Seek actual discomfort

  26. Sarah Rose

    Sarah RosePrije mjesec

    Seek discomfort is the most white priveledged people thing I’ve ever heard

  27. corey lively

    corey livelyPrije mjesec

    no cap you guys make me happier and realize that i will find the light at the end of the tunnel more than my anti depression meds, alcohol or anything. I've recently been going back to your old videos and watching them like a good Netflix show. i thank you guys for being you and hope some day we cross paths and adventure

  28. Goku Dest

    Goku DestPrije mjesec

    what if that drone was not from Yes theory? so a random drone passing by, spotting 2 naked people waving. xD

  29. joe soque

    joe soquePrije mjesec

    they made out after this...

  30. Ron Howard

    Ron HowardPrije mjesec

    This was the biggest BS. So they were dropped off late in the afternoon and then had to take their shirt and pants off (they still had shoes and socks). They were left with backpacks, lanterns, water, and other items that we did not see. After that all they did was walked around and complained (no survival at all). They complained about no food (big deal, they were only out in the dessert for approximately 15-16 hours (there are those who fast for several days). Instead of trying to gather vegetation for warmth and/or food, they did nothing but sit around their lanterns complaining. This was more of a gay adventure (2 guys hiking around the dessert nude).

  31. Nelson jr Flores

    Nelson jr FloresPrije mjesec

    Two dudes naked in the desert totally not gay🧑🏻 💪🏻🟧 🤜🏻 🦵🏻◼️🦵🏻

  32. Steven Blumhoefer

    Steven BlumhoeferPrije mjesec

    has matts brother come out yet? its been obvious for a long time

  33. Vernie Live

    Vernie LivePrije mjesec


  34. Andrew Reyna

    Andrew ReynaPrije mjesec

    I honestly can't believe he agreed to do it! Also neither one of them made the comment "We could cuddle for warmth" lol!

  35. Limpy Noodle

    Limpy NoodlePrije mjesec

    It’s the occasional butt scratches for me 😂😂

  36. juicce x

    juicce xPrije mjesec

    am i the only one that ships all of them for no rns

  37. Jasmine Garrand

    Jasmine GarrandPrije mjesec

    can u please post the censored version

  38. Protogerakis Manos

    Protogerakis ManosPrije mjesec

    "What do you think the boys are eating right now" was edited, right?

  39. Francisco del Rio

    Francisco del RioPrije mjesec

    Why they didnt make a fire?

  40. Shawn Berg

    Shawn BergPrije mjesec

    So basically a youtube version of Naked & Afraid

  41. Joe Mathews

    Joe MathewsPrije mjesec

    You guys should ask one of the teams doing the king of the hammers to be apart of it.

  42. Noel Crawford

    Noel CrawfordPrije mjesec

    play u game!!!!

  43. whatdoesthemoocowsay

    whatdoesthemoocowsayPrije mjesec

    you can't tell me that cam and matt aren't literal twins

  44. Lex

    LexPrije mjesec

    Ammar looks like the Egyptian Drake lol


    AQUARIUS theHERETICPrije mjesec

    many guys have been dropped off at my house with no food, no possessions, no phone, and no clothes.

  46. Chris Parvis

    Chris ParvisPrije mjesec

    13:21 Imagine that's not the Drone of the Team. Its the drone of some random Tourists that wanna make some good footage for there Holiday Album: "Look at this beautiful ... wait ... two naked men" :D

  47. Jack Carter

    Jack CarterPrije 2 mjeseci

    Yes theory what is this what was the point!!

  48. Julian

    JulianPrije 2 mjeseci

    Always love the videos but that guy who keeps saying naked & afraid is pure annoying yes !

  49. loyencer

    loyencerPrije 2 mjeseci

    Idk if this is gay or if they are just stupidly drunk lol

  50. paige

    paigePrije 2 mjeseci


  51. Jon Hogan

    Jon HoganPrije 2 mjeseci

    When I was trail running shirtless in J-Tree I got lost and ended up in the park after sundown. Can confirm, it gets cold af. Well done dudes.

  52. PaT G.

    PaT G.Prije 2 mjeseci

    This is one I could not do. Just thinking about bugs and no clothes just would kill me. If i had pants I would be down!!!

  53. ThisIsFine

    ThisIsFinePrije 2 mjeseci

    Come on bro drop the black bars for the homies

  54. Вася M

    Вася MPrije 2 mjeseci

    this woulda been more fun to watch if they had done acid first

  55. Вася M

    Вася MPrije 2 mjeseci

    Uncensored version available on Yes Theory's OnlyFans

  56. ThatsSoVeda

    ThatsSoVedaPrije 2 mjeseci

    Naked & Afraid S12$£€!❤️😂

  57. F8

    F8Prije 2 mjeseci

    All the girls out there putting the speed to 0.25 to see if the editors delayed the black box, ya I know

  58. Jasper Arpin

    Jasper ArpinPrije 2 mjeseci


  59. paige

    paigePrije 2 mjeseci

    What’s the reason for that emoji

  60. Khok Ray Sheng

    Khok Ray ShengPrije 2 mjeseci


  61. Lewis Irvine

    Lewis IrvinePrije 2 mjeseci

    What fuck

  62. Glynn Powell

    Glynn PowellPrije 3 mjeseci

    If they really had the balls, they could have used each other’s bodies to keep each other warm. Jus’ a little bit of spoonin’!

  63. Gothic Matter

    Gothic MatterPrije 3 mjeseci

    I’m just mad the black bars are in the way👎🏻🍆🤣

  64. Isaiah Williams

    Isaiah WilliamsPrije 3 mjeseci


  65. Eric Horner

    Eric HornerPrije 3 mjeseci

    As soon as he started acting out National Treasure for entertainment, I liked the video. HILARIOUS


    OCEAN SVIJESTIPrije 3 mjeseci

    hrcharts.info/white/video/fq5mmdqVuqjOudU 🙏🏻🙏🏻🌅

  67. Joe Taylor

    Joe TaylorPrije 3 mjeseci

    They can bring a jug of water and backpacks full of stuff but cant wear underwear...

  68. paige

    paigePrije 2 mjeseci

    It says dropped naked not nothing

  69. Joe Taylor

    Joe TaylorPrije 3 mjeseci

    “Dropped off in the desert with NOTHING”







  72. Chris Ashby

    Chris AshbyPrije 3 mjeseci

    10°C doesn't seem the coldest for me but I guess without clothes and shelter it's cold...

  73. gen rose

    gen rosePrije 3 mjeseci

    poor editor

  74. Madhav Daga

    Madhav DagaPrije 3 mjeseci

    Why did Tommy have nail-polish on? 🤨

  75. Madhav Daga

    Madhav DagaPrije 3 mjeseci

    Two dudes walking 5 feet apart naked, cause they're not gay

  76. Madhav Daga

    Madhav DagaPrije 3 mjeseci

    Well they didn't seem to be feeling any discomfort while stripping dow 😂

  77. Nick Williams

    Nick WilliamsPrije 3 mjeseci

    Should defo release the uncensored version ✌️😂🤣✌️

  78. Johnny Brat

    Johnny BratPrije 3 mjeseci

    Broke back mountain part 2

  79. Motion

    MotionPrije 3 mjeseci

    This is a Netflix show in itself the could be ‘Naked and afraid’


    CARSON SIMPERSPrije 3 mjeseci

    is any one else watching this naked???

  81. paige

    paigePrije 2 mjeseci

    Maybe don’t share that

  82. Nola

    NolaPrije 4 mjeseci

    The little black boxes 🤣

  83. YCEE Gaming

    YCEE GamingPrije 4 mjeseci

    *Imagine being the editor* 👁👄👁

  84. IlIl-Lemon-IlIl

    IlIl-Lemon-IlIlPrije 4 mjeseci

    I would cuddle with the homie

  85. Ire S

    Ire SPrije 4 mjeseci

    Lol why’d u guys do this

  86. Obaid ALMansoori

    Obaid ALMansooriPrije 4 mjeseci

    The yellow haired guy: if you have noticed his nail, you will understand why he suggested this idea

  87. At least I tried

    At least I triedPrije 4 mjeseci

    First time huh?

  88. Dave F

    Dave FPrije 4 mjeseci

    Please stop walking in front of me bro.

  89. Serbian Master

    Serbian MasterPrije 4 mjeseci

    Must be really fun to edit this video. Not!

  90. Masta Blasta

    Masta BlastaPrije 4 mjeseci

    I was in a wilderness therapy program in the Utah desert for four months. We weren't naked we had jackets and pretty much only had the gear that was necessary to survive. I think this video is very reminiscent of that experience.

  91. iFNhU

    iFNhUPrije 4 mjeseci

    Them being naked in the hot tub still was hilarious. 😂

  92. Carlito 75

    Carlito 75Prije 4 mjeseci

    I really appreciate your work guys. Very thought provoking 👏👏👏

  93. Endative

    EndativePrije 4 mjeseci

    i feel bad for the editor of this video

  94. Guiness Ruiz-rockett

    Guiness Ruiz-rockettPrije 4 mjeseci

    Preeety sus

  95. Aussie Blocks

    Aussie BlocksPrije 3 mjeseci

    They probs had pants on

  96. Rochelle Whitney

    Rochelle WhitneyPrije 4 mjeseci

    You guys need to watch, "NAKED AND AFRAID" a tv show!

  97. Jake Andrich • 9 years ago

    Jake Andrich • 9 years agoPrije 4 mjeseci

    Why am I hard, it's censored and I'm a guy

  98. ADI_IS_NOOB Ok

    ADI_IS_NOOB OkPrije 3 mjeseci

    @Aussie Blocks 😂😂

  99. Aussie Blocks

    Aussie BlocksPrije 3 mjeseci


  100. Sadey Doyle

    Sadey DoylePrije 4 mjeseci

    Matts brother has come so far, he used to be so shy and nervous but now he is butt naked in the middle of no where

  101. Ioan Glogovetan

    Ioan GlogovetanPrije 4 mjeseci

    I'm sorry lads, but this was just clickbait, not having underwear but carrying backpacks, lights and cameras doesn't make sense, I know you can do better than this

  102. thatoneguy285

    thatoneguy285Prije mjesec

    What does the title say that is clickbait?

  103. Ioan Glogovetan

    Ioan GlogovetanPrije 3 mjeseci

    @ADI_IS_NOOB Ok The concept of cameraman was invented long ago.

  104. ADI_IS_NOOB Ok

    ADI_IS_NOOB OkPrije 3 mjeseci

    So God will record this video for them ?? Huh 😑

  105. Aussie Blocks

    Aussie BlocksPrije 3 mjeseci


  106. star Foxx

    star FoxxPrije 4 mjeseci

    First thing you do is make a fire!! 😩😩

  107. Ryan A.

    Ryan A.Prije 4 mjeseci

    They ain't naked if they are wearing shoes and socks lol

  108. Anthony

    AnthonyPrije 4 mjeseci

    Thought u guys would have nothing but the cameras but have water and who knows what else in the backbacks

  109. Daniel Vickers

    Daniel VickersPrije 4 mjeseci

    I wasn't expecting to hear the line 'my ass is destroyed'

  110. D Rob

    D RobPrije 4 mjeseci

    Those arent 2 pillows!

  111. Dominique Tamer

    Dominique TamerPrije 4 mjeseci

    I love hiking naked, nothing is more freeing!

  112. Ethan Sou

    Ethan SouPrije 4 mjeseci

    I can't control the temperature of the room I'm in. The living room is the only place that has ac.

  113. HowToGet AwayWith

    HowToGet AwayWithPrije 4 mjeseci