He Started a Country Inside the U.S. Nobody Noticed.

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His "Excellency President Kevin Baugh" apparently started his own country inside the US called Molossia... We had to go see it to find out what it's all about.

As a note, you cannot just to go visit this place, you have to ask for permission first and get listed on the official tours they do. This usually only happens once a month a few months a year. Make sure you go on their website before you do anything and contact them for a tour :)

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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes TheoryPrije 11 mjeseci

    So... Where do we start with building this nation huh?!

  2. ondrej kosik

    ondrej kosikPrije 6 mjeseci

    @Hamdaan _007 Yeslanistan.

  3. Dominic Stanzione

    Dominic StanzionePrije 7 mjeseci

    Id live there if I could grow weed

  4. Netherexio

    NetherexioPrije 8 mjeseci


  5. Mariana Dias Pontes

    Mariana Dias PontesPrije 10 mjeseci

    I want in pls

  6. Jahangir Alam

    Jahangir AlamPrije 11 mjeseci

    Do jt anywhere count me in i wanna be a citizen of your country....

  7. Saul Goodman

    Saul GoodmanPrije 33 minuta

    🇺🇿 Glory To Molossia! 🇺🇿

  8. Random User

    Random UserPrije 19 sati

    I preferred when it was Kickassia

  9. Jordan Beard

    Jordan BeardPrije 2 dana

    When they went there the population went from 35 to like 6,000

  10. NA NA

    NA NAPrije 3 dana

    I declared war on their nation as a joke just a few minutes ago

  11. Dustin Matthews

    Dustin MatthewsPrije 4 dana

    😐 why.

  12. alexei popov

    alexei popovPrije 4 dana

    It's really funny to think about, how we look at this guy for being crazy for starting his own micro-nation within nevada, was the same way others were looked at for leaving their country and traveling to start what would become major nations in history.

  13. Christian

    ChristianPrije 4 dana

    I need to know where did he get that beautiful medals and dress

  14. Tarnell

    TarnellPrije 5 dana

    Upside-down flag of Sierra leone

  15. I Love Ronald McDonald He Is Cool

    I Love Ronald McDonald He Is CoolPrije 5 dana

    If I ever win millions on the lottery, I will buy you some more land and donate to your economy! I remember you writing to me years ago, how are things going these days?

  16. Shmuel Yosef

    Shmuel YosefPrije 6 dana


  17. Ty Baugh

    Ty BaughPrije 6 dana

    My last name is Baugh I hope I am not related to this guy

  18. Tefky

    TefkyPrije 5 dana


  19. Amin Sani

    Amin SaniPrije 7 dana

    Interesting but funny

  20. Trust Trustee, the scout cannon

    Trust Trustee, the scout cannonPrije 7 dana

    Does Mollossia have its own art museum

  21. Diego Kiwi

    Diego KiwiPrije 7 dana

    tbh Rose Island was first

  22. maitre JX

    maitre JXPrije 8 dana

    1:02 LGBT

  23. bowshock galaxy

    bowshock galaxyPrije 9 dana

    Look out north Korea lolol

  24. Rossyfries 77

    Rossyfries 77Prije 9 dana

    Gay land

  25. Skitzar

    SkitzarPrije 10 dana

    "it even has a Swedish flag on it", who is gonna tell him?

  26. Ted Adams

    Ted AdamsPrije 10 dana

    Interestingly enough, if you live in a COUNTRY, you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHTS. There is no nation on this earth where Individual Human Rights outrank the powers of the State. Governments SUCK.

  27. A little trolling

    A little trollingPrije 10 dana

    Don’t tell the us we have oil

  28. Gabriela Pache de Faria

    Gabriela Pache de FariaPrije 11 dana

    I just love how Ammar is always kind and make people feel special 💛🥺

  29. Mete Turan

    Mete TuranPrije 12 dana

    Stup id mor on..

  30. Clay Parnell

    Clay ParnellPrije 12 dana

    I need to know why no percussion instruments can be played in the bathroom

  31. Purple potato

    Purple potatoPrije 13 dana

    I’m joining the nation just where is it

  32. gamer4life0602

    gamer4life0602Prije 14 dana

    🇺🇿 lol

  33. Qoro Tuilawa

    Qoro TuilawaPrije 15 dana

    Yes thoery, and subscribers, my brother from another mother, Kamel Green, has created an app, for college students that emodies Yes Theory's, NUMBER ONE QUOTE!! .. SEEK DISCOMFORT !! Download Poly App!

  34. Baseball 9 Wolfs

    Baseball 9 WolfsPrije 15 dana

    POV: you skipped forward during this sponser

  35. Matthieu Autier

    Matthieu AutierPrije 15 dana


  36. ComiXProvider FTW_02

    ComiXProvider FTW_02Prije 16 dana

    Wait, hang on a minute… That place Nostalgia Critic and the Channel Awesome crew tried to invade and call it Kickassia years ago is real?


    MOHAMED RENOPrije 16 dana

    واو رئيس متواضع واثق من نفسه انه الرئيس المثالي صدقوني سوف يصبح رئيس كبير ومشهور 🤴💖💖💖

  38. felipe sigaran

    felipe sigaranPrije 17 dana

    fun fact hes n ot from there

  39. Commander Karl

    Commander KarlPrije 17 dana

    He reminds me of Michael Scott

  40. Swati Mehta

    Swati MehtaPrije 17 dana

    there should be a yes theory micronation

  41. Skihen

    SkihenPrije 18 dana

    Mollosian Civil War is bickering between family members.

  42. Captaincap700 For

    Captaincap700 ForPrije 20 dana

    He USE the flag of the confederation of the rhine

  43. The Crow From The Hell

    The Crow From The HellPrije 21 dan

    It has an upside donw Sirrea Leone flag

  44. Paranoyd

    ParanoydPrije 21 dan

    4:35: I N F L A T I O N

  45. Hunter Vook

    Hunter VookPrije 23 dana

    What happens when they get invaded?

  46. Hunter Vook

    Hunter VookPrije 23 dana

    Its a joke.

  47. Maths Debater

    Maths DebaterPrije 5 dana

    Is it tho 🇸🇱

  48. FlowUrbanFlow

    FlowUrbanFlowPrije 23 dana

    This dude is a legend. I will visit here

  49. FlowUrbanFlow

    FlowUrbanFlowPrije 23 dana

    The media encouraged the CHAZZ in Portland. Literally a really insurrection/secession



    I want to build a super-micronation from my 2nd floor studio apartment. can I?

  51. Lee Boy

    Lee BoyPrije 25 dana

    This is something you would do with ur friends. The fact that it's actually real is kinda sick tho

  52. Theresa Wilson

    Theresa WilsonPrije 25 dana

    Yeslandea I want to come

  53. BatmanGaming

    BatmanGamingPrije 25 dana

    ehem that swedish flag is NOT THE FLAG

  54. Ilham Anugrah Akbar

    Ilham Anugrah AkbarPrije 25 dana

    Kinda reminds me of The Republic of Dave

  55. Okamii Wolfe

    Okamii WolfePrije 25 dana

    How self centered do you have to be to want to make a country for yourself

  56. Akromjon Omonov

    Akromjon OmonovPrije 26 dana


  57. Z

    ZPrije 28 dana

    this seems like the most drawn-out, elaborate, and hilarious dad joke of all time

  58. Kshitij Pratap singh

    Kshitij Pratap singhPrije 28 dana

    Real doremon episode.

  59. Panao Ningshen

    Panao NingshenPrije mjesec

    Is he now in jail or stil president?

  60. Travis Hope

    Travis HopePrije mjesec

    I assume not many people comment about the sponsors of your videos, but I LOVE Gevalia Espresso! My absolute favorite coffee ever.

  61. Big Bang Attack4561

    Big Bang Attack4561Prije mjesec

    Someone already beat you to it..

  62. Simon S

    Simon SPrije mjesec

    YT subtitles say, this country is called republic of velocity

  63. mark brown

    mark brownPrije mjesec

    I can't believe there was a nation started in the US and nobody has explored it on youtube til now

  64. Bettas Bot

    Bettas BotPrije mjesec

    Look likes theme park.

  65. asha k

    asha kPrije mjesec

    That is a damn good flag though.

  66. Dwight Shrute

    Dwight ShrutePrije mjesec

    "Meanwhile in Nevada"

  67. •TO BE•

    •TO BE•Prije mjesec

    Yes theory nation pop up??

  68. MDF

    MDFPrije mjesec

    Greetings to all molossians from Yemen 🇾🇪 🤞🏽

  69. Christian Zagal

    Christian ZagalPrije mjesec

    Salinas CA gang

  70. Brtalo

    BrtaloPrije mjesec

    my friend started his own micronation and i'm the prime minister

  71. Ghost3K Ghost3K

    Ghost3K Ghost3KPrije mjesec

    Swedish coffe With a fake flag. Not the swedish flag

  72. Thomas LOL

    Thomas LOLPrije mjesec

    Well someone obviously noticed

  73. Noah ISG

    Noah ISGPrije mjesec

    Yo this is just rose island

  74. Republic Of Chinland The 2nd

    Republic Of Chinland The 2ndPrije mjesec

    hmm what is a molossia

  75. It's ABHI

    It's ABHIPrije mjesec

    absolute creative and funny

  76. jfings

    jfingsPrije mjesec

    Fun fact: Molossia is at war with East Germany

  77. David Friesen

    David FriesenPrije mjesec

    Yes theory you have an awesome attitude, pleasant personality and a great sense of humour. More power to you Sir!😁

  78. Ilia Naghdifar

    Ilia NaghdifarPrije mjesec

    This country is at war with east Germany and east Germany literally exist its in Cuba right now

  79. jay roberts

    jay robertsPrije mjesec

    what nice man

  80. IcyBino

    IcyBinoPrije mjesec


  81. vishal v

    vishal vPrije mjesec

    He will soon takeover Joe Biden

  82. tv Spy

    tv SpyPrije mjesec

    No onions and spinach.. lost respect

  83. Jason Magee

    Jason MageePrije mjesec

    Hey I just stumbled upon this. Start your Nation, I'm in!!!

  84. BadGuySucks

    BadGuySucksPrije mjesec

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  85. mike mantzey

    mike mantzeyPrije mjesec

    Fist video I’ve watch and I’m now subscribed lol

  86. Craig Daub Beats - Rap Instrumentals

    Craig Daub Beats - Rap InstrumentalsPrije mjesec

    How do I become a citizen?🤣

  87. het game huisje

    het game huisjePrije mjesec

    Can i ask my dutch goverment for the village and call it levistra

  88. Joshua Lloyd

    Joshua LloydPrije mjesec

    So for the daughter to go to school, is she a foreign exchange student?

  89. KaBruh BigMan

    KaBruh BigManPrije mjesec

    Go to Bir Tawil, you'll have a struggle to build a country since it's landlocked.

  90. crow

    crowPrije mjesec

    It's selling pdfs, and digital books,

  91. Feike H

    Feike HPrije mjesec

    Sorry it's my first day 😂

  92. Igor Horváth

    Igor HorváthPrije mjesec

    Interestingly, their money is at least covered by cookies. So it's still better money than totally unpegged dollars.

  93. Mr. Brightside

    Mr. BrightsidePrije mjesec

    35 inhabitants, I would consider this a 'real' community

  94. Maddox Davidson

    Maddox DavidsonPrije mjesec

    Sooo... no gun laws

  95. Million Memes

    Million MemesPrije mjesec

    bro if this country ever becomes famous imma be able to say i was there when it happened

  96. NoahEvans34

    NoahEvans34Prije mjesec

    Build that Micronation, city, community or whatever!!! I'm in on it ! Would love to help or otherwise join in

  97. Es De Cristianos

    Es De CristianosPrije mjesec

    How to travel to molasya?

  98. Crish :D

    Crish :DPrije mjesec

    1:52 The Swedish flag?

  99. Crish :D

    Crish :DPrije mjesec

    Fun Fact: Molossia is still at war with East Germany

  100. Fern Coleman

    Fern ColemanPrije mjesec

    Can people actually go live there 🙉🌈? I’d actually love to live in a small community who help each other out and is away from the sickness caused the government!! 🦠

  101. SteamySteams

    SteamySteamsPrije mjesec

    Somewhere in Nevada

  102. Stephanie Cridland

    Stephanie CridlandPrije mjesec

    Yes to love always, no fear, Yeslandia! Many many many wish all the world was naturally all about love.

  103. Bronzed 01

    Bronzed 01Prije mjesec

    So I assume all the food is imported

  104. Arlene Pace

    Arlene PacePrije mjesec

    No thats not a real country

  105. Arlene Pace

    Arlene PacePrije mjesec

    No he didnt he has to be recognized by un

  106. Nathan Abel

    Nathan AbelPrije mjesec

    Lol the flag is just Sierra Leone's flag upside down 😂

  107. David Max

    David MaxPrije mjesec

    I like it, it’s very genuine