I Hitchhiked the World's Deadliest Train (20hrs across the Sahara)

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The Mauritanian Railway, one of the world's longest and heaviest train in the world transports iron ore from a remote mining town in Mauritania to a coastal city cutting through the Sahara Desert. The ride lasts anywhere between 19-30 hours and a few brave locals use it to travel back and forth with supplies. The dangerous trek leads to several unfortunate deaths every year as people fall off the train. Thomas and his friend Drew Binsky attempt to find this train and embark on the dangerous journey through the Sahara.

Thank you to Drew Binsky for coming with me and guiding me through how to travel in this part of the world! Check out his channel here:

Thank you to our local friend Med for some of the b-roll shots of the train.

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  1. Conor Castle

    Conor CastlePrije 4 mjeseci

    I remember pitching this idea to Thomas 3 years ago after watching a nat geo documentary. So glad to see you finally did it! Wish I could have made it, next time! 😎

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    maxaton5Prije 13 dana

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    Gaby De La CruzPrije 14 dana

    Hey. I was wondering how where you guys able to fly the drone while on a moving train? I'm to scared to do such thing

  4. N Rod

    N RodPrije 27 dana

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    Baris ÖzPrije dan

    How do they make the video with the drone ? Looks like casusl clips but im sure that they are walking around with a professoonal filmcrew

  11. ShiaGirl18

    ShiaGirl18Prije dan

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    ShiaGirl18Prije dan

    0:12 Bruh! This looks surreal.

  13. Ricky Jackson

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  21. Carl Marc’s

    Carl Marc’sPrije 5 dana

    I love how you make this out like it’s a grueling and treacherous journey of a lifetime when there’s other people just casually doing it to get from one place to another

  22. sxmuel_zz

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  23. lxpwsk1

    lxpwsk1Prije 6 dana

    This train ride = one of the few things in life you really don't need to do.

  24. Simon Cowell

    Simon CowellPrije 7 dana

    What was he listening to in the car? Tamikrest? Tinariwen? Faris? Imarhan? Terakaft?

  25. Micho's Adventures

    Micho's AdventuresPrije 8 dana

    Thomas is gonna have some crazy stories for his grandkids.

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    Ohhh my god, you guys seems like happy with that discomfort situation. I am the man who can being happy with discomfort travelling like you guys do, but maybe I just constrained with the money. I hope you guys stay healthy, keep doing a good things and keep spreading happines. I hope someday I can join your discomfort travelling or maybe I can do some discomfort travelling to whereever I want without constrained about the money anymore.

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    Lucie PalmerPrije 19 dana

    Im a big fan, my name is lucie. You can always come stay with us in tamraght morocco. Im married to a moroccan man, im from the uk. Its easy to travel here, especially for you. We have a surf house called surf star morocco. But u can also just stay with us. Ive been here the whole pandemic, going crazy without tourist friends like before. So i welcome the company and i can show u the local area. Have a great day!

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  87. Miller-Smith Adventures

    Miller-Smith AdventuresPrije 25 dana

    Amazing job on the cinematic sequence near the end.

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  99. Dianna

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    Alwnx DesignsPrije 14 dana

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