I Moved In With Ice Man For 24 Hours... (Wim Hof)

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*Do not try to replicate the same challenges we do in this video*. You can however experiment with the Wim Hof Method through Wim's App or by listening to his book on Audible! If you have any acute medical conditions, consult with your doctor beforehand.

Check out Zac's version of the video on his channel Zac and Jay!

After almost 2 years after our initial documentary with Ice Man (Wim Hof) in Poland... Thomas went back to see him for another crazy adventure.

The Wim Hof method really is an incredible way to reset your mind and body. The combination of breath-work and cold-exposure helps you tap into deeper, more meditative, parts of your brain and gain more control in your every day life.

Here's the link to the original documentary if you haven't seen it!

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Produced by Alex Sandstedt


  1. Yes Theory

    Yes TheoryPrije 7 mjeseci

    Can’t believe I got myself into this again 😆 only someone with Wim’s positive energy could convince me. What a day! What was your favorite moment?!

  2. polyannamoonbeam

    polyannamoonbeamPrije 2 dana

    I hope Wim made enough money to live very much at ease with his life herein out..🧘🏼‍♀️

  3. Asherah 1147

    Asherah 1147Prije 2 dana

    @Attackofthetroy yes! Exactly! That’s where I lost it giggles wise. Wim saying, ‘hey there, hi’ when he first descends into the ice barrel is priceless!

  4. hgartz444

    hgartz444Prije 26 dana

    I was wondering what happened to doubting hater Thomas - so awesome to see you living life like this!

  5. Buzzkill 808 Raven

    Buzzkill 808 RavenPrije 3 mjeseci

    Give up seeking comfort and paradoxically, discomfort leaves with it. Same goes with any pleasure/pain dynamic, for one NEEDS the other to even exist.

  6. Noturdad

    NoturdadPrije 3 mjeseci

    We need more of wim🥺❤️

  7. Foster Scott

    Foster ScottPrije dan

    Omg! Wim's dog at 8:16 totally fired up. Wim's method has changed me for good. Thank you Wim 💪

  8. polyannamoonbeam

    polyannamoonbeamPrije 2 dana

    ..” enriched toilet paper..”…😄👏🏻✨

  9. vianelle

    vianellePrije 2 dana

    Why do l feel like am healing just watching them

  10. Kabeção

    KabeçãoPrije 2 dana

    Wim is a true inspiration for humankind

  11. Shun Ono

    Shun OnoPrije 4 dana

    I'm watching this for like the 20th time, but every time I watch this, I can't believe that Thomas, who was the most uncomfortable in doing the cold exposures in the first video, is the one to do it again and is having so much fun this time. Really speaks that Wim Hof's method and exercises are great to relieve stress during this pandemic.

  12. IVI

    IVI Prije 4 dana

    8:22 Aaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tom Berris

    Tom BerrisPrije 5 dana

    I live in the netherlands and can approve that a lot of Dutch people are as crazy is Wim

  14. Wandering Journalist

    Wandering JournalistPrije 6 dana

    Wim was right. It is a documentary you guys :D It's a HRcharts format documentary video. You guys documented the experience. It is a very important documentary.

  15. Gef

    GefPrije 6 dana

    Gradually cold exposure, goes 30 minutes in -22 degrees plus an ice bath in less than one day

  16. Samuel Svoboda

    Samuel SvobodaPrije 7 dana

    Its realy cool to see and I kinda wanna try some of these things but Im cardiac so Idk if it would be safe for me :D

  17. James Young

    James YoungPrije 7 dana

    This cheered me up. I feel like dumping some ice cubes in the tub.

  18. Kris E

    Kris EPrije 6 dana

    DO IT

  19. James W Porter

    James W PorterPrije 7 dana

    What's Wim wearing? I want one!!!

  20. That0neguy01

    That0neguy01Prije 12 dana

    Around 11:40 when he says "the answer is blowing in the wind my friend" and the youngin's are all like "wtf is he talking about" it was a Bob Dylan song lyric.

  21. Joshua Wang

    Joshua WangPrije 12 dana

    The camera man hates his life

  22. H3arme3r0ar

    H3arme3r0arPrije 12 dana

    Im surprised he doesn't just own an ice maker

  23. Dawn Parker

    Dawn ParkerPrije 14 dana

    We need more like him in our world

  24. urdadsgay andsoami

    urdadsgay andsoamiPrije 14 dana

    this is such a cool video ... good vibes all round

  25. Tudor Todorescu

    Tudor TodorescuPrije 15 dana

    he wears that pancho like Hao from shaman king :)))

  26. Jedi Karen

    Jedi KarenPrije 17 dana

    I lost it at enriched toilet paper.

  27. Elizabeth Wilk

    Elizabeth WilkPrije 18 dana

    Basically he practices mind over matter and is not afraid to explore and go against the “norm”.

  28. IlITOMIlI

    IlITOMIlIPrije 19 dana

    "Hey Wim have you watched the documentery?" "Ehhhhh........No. "

  29. sarge alnajar

    sarge alnajarPrije 20 dana

    Omg i tried wim hofs method and i was able to hold my breath for 3 minutes

  30. xHidden

    xHiddenPrije 20 dana

    Omg he gives off so much positive energy. I'd love to live with him

  31. Christopher Thomson

    Christopher ThomsonPrije 21 dan

    Ice companies must love him.

  32. Trippy Cactus

    Trippy CactusPrije 22 dana

    "It's better than coffee" "No, It's pure cocaine"

  33. Isaac Meza

    Isaac MezaPrije 23 dana

    I want a cave like Wim so I can go in it and be mysterious to my neighbors

  34. Tyradius

    TyradiusPrije 24 dana

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind ~ Bob Dylan + Wim Hof was quoting some song lyrics. 😉

  35. Mike Massie

    Mike MassiePrije 26 dana

    Most surprising thing about this video: 2 grown men fit in that barrel.

  36. Tessa Paloma

    Tessa PalomaPrije 26 dana

    I love when he says, "hey man"

  37. Alexandros Gkolnas

    Alexandros GkolnasPrije 27 dana

    The answer my friend is blowing in the wind... Bob Dylan

  38. Anna W.

    Anna W.Prije 29 dana

    you look like ryan gosling!

  39. Anna W.

    Anna W.Prije 29 dana

    and wim like robin williams!

  40. Justine Carias

    Justine CariasPrije mjesec

    I love how the dog started to bark worriedly when it was Thomas' turn to jump 🤣 cute puppy

  41. Patrick Sargent Music

    Patrick Sargent MusicPrije mjesec

    Bob Dylan common guys ...

  42. Polly g

    Polly gPrije mjesec

    its been 23 years since ive left my house, I've purchased the book here's hoping

  43. Kris E

    Kris EPrije 6 dana

    You’ve got this Polly, hope you’re doing well ❤️

  44. Polly g

    Polly gPrije mjesec

    surely Wim is correct it was a documentary as I'm assuming a documentary means your documenting something and as you were documenting Wim and his method??????

  45. edward Shaylitsa

    edward ShaylitsaPrije mjesec

    Yummy cakes @ 6:11 :p

  46. braulio motus

    braulio motusPrije mjesec

    you guys kinda just laugh at Wim the whole time.

  47. Alca2020 Tel

    Alca2020 TelPrije mjesec

    The iceman seems a real cool guy I would do 24 hours just to meet him and feel what its like for the day

  48. Patricia Boelens

    Patricia BoelensPrije mjesec

    "Imagine being this guys neighbor", I have been and have never known untill know 😂

  49. Battousai Kenshin

    Battousai KenshinPrije mjesec

    Vishnuji says in the Purana, whoever masters breath, masters life. Everything in moderation, even breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also Wim saying the answer is blowing in the wind is a song by Bob Dylan, Win is cleverly referencing it here.

  50. shivali sharma

    shivali sharmaPrije mjesec

    This is what babas and sadhus have been doing in India since time immemorial. They reside in mountains. Does crazy breathing exercises, aasanas, meditation, learn how to win over their senses and live life like a pro.

  51. Gogopro

    GogoproPrije mjesec

    8:14 even the dog is screaming for him fucking legend

  52. macronencer

    macronencerPrije mjesec

    8:10 Wim's dog must have SUCH a happy life. Not many dogs get to hang around with humans who actually behave like their ancestors did. It must be like being in a real pack. :D

  53. Ryan Braunsdorf

    Ryan BraunsdorfPrije mjesec

    Hey, I’ve never thought about that! That dog must think very highly of wim

  54. John Simpson

    John SimpsonPrije mjesec


  55. Alison Banville

    Alison BanvillePrije mjesec

    'the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind' Classic Bob Dylan song, that's what Wim was referencing guys! hrcharts.info/white/video/gLB6nZrWpqXD1qs

  56. Leinard Esteves

    Leinard EstevesPrije mjesec

    I love that Thomas went back to redeem him self!

  57. Grace Covington

    Grace CovingtonPrije mjesec

    A dream of mine is to meet Wim Hof.

  58. Justin Rosales | Becoming the Iceman

    Justin Rosales | Becoming the IcemanPrije mjesec

    Maybe one day!

  59. lkeirnan

    lkeirnanPrije mjesec

    Thank you A G A I N Yes Theory.

  60. Mariana Rodriguez Rial

    Mariana Rodriguez RialPrije mjesec

    esta muy bueno pero agregale subtitulos en español GRACIAS

  61. Reginaldo Macedo

    Reginaldo MacedoPrije mjesec

    Não vejo a hora de fazer o mesmo.... Muito bom..... Grato e FORTE ABRAÇO.

  62. RIP Saebri

    RIP SaebriPrije mjesec

    pretty sure thats not a human :0 dude a straight beast.

  63. Davina Test

    Davina TestPrije mjesec

    The boy in the tub with eyes of hate toward Wim Hoff

  64. Hasselnøtt Per

    Hasselnøtt PerPrije mjesec

    I love this dude. He's living life the way it should be done!

  65. hayden

    haydenPrije mjesec

    Next the dudesons

  66. Bogdan

    BogdanPrije mjesec

    I appreciated the video as it made me become interested in learning more about Wim Hof's method but at the same time this felt more like a long drawn commercial than anything. I understand this was or wasn't the intention but I would have liked to see more about Wim's past rather than being flashed his book or audiobook every 5 minutes or so. I know this video is over 6 months old but just a thought.

  67. Very Official

    Very OfficialPrije mjesec

    Where can I buy that wicked poncho or something similar??? Looks TOO comfortable

  68. Myron Gains

    Myron GainsPrije mjesec

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  69. SpaceNate

    SpaceNatePrije mjesec

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  73. Shelldon Silva

    Shelldon SilvaPrije mjesec

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  81. Noah Kaufman

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  82. Justin Rosales | Becoming the Iceman

    Justin Rosales | Becoming the IcemanPrije mjesec

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    Euan T-FPrije mjesec

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    SnicklersPrije mjesec

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    Max403 403Prije mjesec

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    aman kapoorPrije mjesec

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  89. zimmiswhat

    zimmiswhatPrije mjesec

    The contrast between win hof and Tom in the ice barrel is funny

  90. Rayowag

    RayowagPrije mjesec

    What he said about our society and all the research on alternative health care out there is so true 🙏🏻

  91. Lord Shiva

    Lord ShivaPrije mjesec

    I got addicted to cold showers,way better than coke as Wim said!

  92. Owen Gordon

    Owen GordonPrije mjesec

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    Jose MarriottPrije mjesec

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  94. Artemis

    ArtemisPrije mjesec

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  95. Arazi Pinhas

    Arazi PinhasPrije mjesec

    This is stupidity. Don't get caught into this, as so many people do. You must realize the essence of this trickery, to see through it all. Extreme cold simply distracts the mind. All of its worries and other issues become subdued or non-existent. The extreme cold so disturbs the mind, as the mind only becomes concerned with surviving the extreme cold. This creates the feeling of meditation, only because one is no longer occupied with one's many problems that were present before the exposure to severe cold. The contrast between so many issues (before exposure) and one issue (during exposure) brings a feeling of clarity to the mind, the likes of which few individuals ever experience. Hence, the attraction. But, it is humbug non-sense.


    ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΒΟΤΣΗΣPrije mjesec

    Perfect watching this while drinking red bull and smoking

  97. Graeme Beer

    Graeme BeerPrije mjesec

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  99. Age of Wealth

    Age of WealthPrije mjesec

    What is the point of the exercise in horse stance, where they keep pushing with their hands from left to right? And also, the chanting/yelling? I wonder. I've been doing the breathing a lot over the years.

  100. Robert_6- _

    Robert_6- _Prije mjesec

    Go with christ before its too late love every single one of you god bless

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    Justin Rosales | Becoming the IcemanPrije mjesec

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