I Spent 50 Hours In Chernobyl

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I've been fascinated with Chernobyl since the moment I read about it in history class over 10 years ago. A few months ago I had the opportunity to go explore it after a big snowfall. The stories we heard were both heartbreaking and inspiring. So excited to finally be able to share.

We were all tested for Covid multiple times before filming this episode and no one has showed any symptoms in the months following this trip.

Thank you to:
Nazar Dorosh for the FPV drone shots:

Cory Martin for the cinematography:

Misha for the guidance:

And Yuri Tabach for the facilitation of this trip.

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  1. Yes Theory

    Yes TheoryPrije mjesec

    As you can see, we decided to not add any sponsors or plugs on this story so we could focus on the story-telling and visual experience. But making a video of this complexity without sponsor is definitely not easy, the support from Seek Discomfort is largely how we're able to create stories like this one. It took us several months get the edit to this place and a few days of filming. I'm super proud of how the video came out and hope you enjoy it. Watch it on a TV for full experience :) See you next week - Thomas

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    Really dumb question, but when they said they washed the town and removed topsoil, I'm curious how and where did they move the soil to??

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    RigglePrije 4 sati

    We gonna ignore the dead dog?

  9. Drewskuhdoo

    DrewskuhdooPrije 7 sati

    The creepiest part of it is how untouched most of it seems. Normally after a place is abandoned, it would be totally looted and picked over. Here though it’s as if they everyone got up and left just yesterday, you could even see what the kids were studying the day they left

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    Вдома СмачнішеPrije dan

    With all respect to your work... In Ukraine, we have our own language - Ukrainian. 🇺🇦 It's completely different from Russian. 1:37 it should be Київ - Україна. Kyiv - Ukraine. It's KYIV, not KIEV. It's КИЇВ, not КИЕВ.

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    The dread of how badly the human race can mess up is incomprehensible! Rip to all the victims and my deep condolences for their families. Humanity needs to do better

  21. Age Of The Witch

    Age Of The WitchPrije 2 dana

    " I started glowing at night and i dghrink too much vodka but am fine " - This man is not only brave as hell but witty and hilarious. One of the most interesting facts about this channel that you guys have the best company in your travels like it's all meant to be.

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    LichCrowPrije 2 dana

    8:35 we droppin' school bois!

  23. I.M Savage

    I.M SavagePrije 2 dana

    88 years old, still living in a radioactive area after all these years. Sharp, lucid, very happy and lively. In the meantime, in "better" places, with "better" food, air and standard of living like London, Paris or New York thousand of people are daily dying of cancer or other major modern illnesses, because of pollution and other. The irony! Kudos to the producers! 5 stars documentary, maybe one of the best on HRcharts

  24. Tk71d9Yw8r

    Tk71d9Yw8rPrije 5 sati

    She's only lucky and have good genes. People living in London, Paris or New York still live longer. And people dying of cancer is the worst example you could make. The number of cancer related deaths still remain high around the exclusion zone and just generally all of Eastern Europe.

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