I Used A Billboard To Find My Friend A Date (Ultimate Wingman)

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0:00 - 7:56 Making the billboard
7:56 - 11:20 The Big Reveal
11:21 - 13:00 Secret Giveaway

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    If you se ethos my mom is in your interview today and could you reply if you see this bra Tomas is my favorite he it tall and skinny like me 👋

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    This episode is rip off of Date Leon! Atleast give credits and be moral to Leon!!!!

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    did they used to call tommy something else or am i making that up

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    Recently single? This video is savage af, that poor ex gf

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    Imagine how much this probably hurts to watch for his ex girlfriend of 4 years 😢

  21. Emily GK

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    Fighting climate change whilst funding the people who literally got Trump in charge i.e. the Murdochs.

  22. Emily GK

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    The Murdoch empire funds these videos.

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