Staying Overnight in America's Most Haunted Asylum

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This week, we stayed overnight in the infamous abandoned Pennhurst State School and let's just say we'll be having nightmares for months after this one.

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  1. J K

    J KPrije 10 sati

    Im cool with spirits but that doll would have ran me right out of there .

  2. Fwuhff

    FwuhffPrije 2 dana

    14:12 😂😂😂 mans was about to piss his pants

  3. Fwuhff

    FwuhffPrije 2 dana

    Ammar you one brave son of a b*****😭😭🙏🙏🙏 I swear I almost started praying when he was left alone

  4. Dravecranck

    DravecranckPrije 2 dana

    Anyone got Autumn’s insta? It’s for a school project

  5. Raffy

    RaffyPrije 6 dana

    So this is real-life outlast

  6. Jhon M

    Jhon MPrije 7 dana

    Nah man, this is really entertaining but it's such bs. I can sleep in this place a whole week, nothing will happen. I love how Tom is suposed to be the skeptical one, but he's affraid of everything.

  7. Colin Calabro

    Colin CalabroPrije 7 dana

    As soon as the guy told them about bite marks, I’m out

  8. BMoney8600

    BMoney8600Prije 7 dana

    I liked Autumn’s explanation on how the building left a big impact on the disabilities community. My grandfather’s brother had cerebral palsy and they could’ve put him in a place like this. But his grandmother decided to watch him and take care of him instead because of her strong Catholic faith.


    DJ TOOTHLESSPrije 7 dana

    Mc cave sounds intensifies

  10. Woolyo _

    Woolyo _Prije 8 dana

    I know belive in ghosts.

  11. Cristian Rositano

    Cristian RositanoPrije 8 dana

    Who else retreated to the comments for comfort when it got scary lol

  12. Keegan Kanaar

    Keegan KanaarPrije 8 dana

    It’s a good thing u went together

  13. Wayhoo

    WayhooPrije 9 dana


  14. MoroccanO206 YT

    MoroccanO206 YTPrije 9 dana

    Is it just me or something about Amar annoys the shit out of me…might be just the way he tries to make everything so damn deep and personal. Idk I can’t figure it out

  15. chiefsnivy

    chiefsnivyPrije 10 dana

    Do they make money from the tour? If so that's just evil and disgusting.

  16. Lyra 33

    Lyra 33Prije 10 dana

  17. Dionné Welding

    Dionné WeldingPrije 11 dana

    When Amar decided to stay there alone I was like"wtf are doing!!!"

  18. Megan Mcguinness

    Megan McguinnessPrije 12 dana

    when the tour guide said 'it tends to get crazy when it rains' ... isn't there a strong connection between water and spirits?

  19. Treasure Collins

    Treasure CollinsPrije 12 dana

    Phasmophobia rtx update looks lit

  20. michael lamondin

    michael lamondinPrije 12 dana

    Could she look any creepier with that scary AF mask?

  21. Réka Baranyi

    Réka BaranyiPrije 15 dana

    You should have called Sam and Dean for this

  22. Rishabh Singh

    Rishabh SinghPrije 15 dana

    Go to Bhangarh Fort, India or Tower of London, England

  23. anonymous yeah

    anonymous yeahPrije 17 dana

    just scrolling through the comments for comfort while Ammar bravely sits alone a freaky basement

  24. Mackan 1673

    Mackan 1673Prije 17 dana

    Why do i allways watch this late at night...

  25. Person 35

    Person 35Prije 18 dana

    imagine when the manager came back they said "Autumn was nice and helpful" and he said "um who is Autumn?"

  26. Sister Rose

    Sister RosePrije 19 dana

    I worked in the British equivalent permanent nights...I could write a book!!

  27. Hexa Angel

    Hexa AngelPrije 20 dana

    Just as Ammar was asking for something to make its presence seen, my grandma dropped something in the hallway and it scared the SHIT out of me.

  28. Jr and Andy

    Jr and AndyPrije 23 dana

    lol imagine if the voice from the voice box is just some random people doing the same challenge... Amar: Speak if you are here Random person: (wth why is HE saying that, he is the ghost? whatever) hello Amar: Should we get out of this tunnel Random person: STOP IT

  29. Jr and Andy

    Jr and AndyPrije 23 dana

    Amar: Speak if you are here Ghost: Why tho?

  30. Young T

    Young TPrije 23 dana

    What about Waverly Hills in KY?

  31. Pulse Reset

    Pulse ResetPrije 24 dana


  32. DV_T-Chen

    DV_T-ChenPrije 24 dana

    who moved the blue ball from the room at 15:26, its in the hallway

  33. Javeria Khan

    Javeria KhanPrije 27 dana

    Da sa ghul woo

  34. Cathy

    CathyPrije 28 dana

    Kudos to the cameraman to go ahead of the group and take shots

  35. Lochness Monster

    Lochness MonsterPrije 29 dana

    that is legit Ms. Peregrine's House

  36. Brandon Mac

    Brandon MacPrije mjesec

    I believe in paranormal, spirits and ghosts but don’t believe in aliens! There are no other life forms on other planets! It’s just what I believe! 👍✌️

  37. Person 35

    Person 35Prije 18 dana

    @Serenity yeah i do think there is some kind of other life maybe not as advanced as us or even anything like us maybe some kind of bug on a planet far far far away but i think the galaxy is way too big for us to be the only bit of life in it

  38. Serenity

    SerenityPrije mjesec

    Just a genuine question! How can you believe that we’re the only intelligent beings in space- which never ends? Again I’m honestly just curious and I want to know how others think.

  39. Eric Kane

    Eric KanePrije mjesec

    Damn, Ivo Caprino left his dolls there.

  40. François van der Westhuizen

    François van der WesthuizenPrije mjesec

    love the bullshit starting in min 3:50 about the huntings

  41. Mandy Self

    Mandy SelfPrije mjesec

    Dramatized to get views. The asylum could have spirits in it but in reality, you do not need all that equipment to communicate with them. Spirits can speak. I have worked in a building with spirits.

  42. Lesyeux denini

    Lesyeux deniniPrije mjesec

    shiey would've just slept in one of those rooms, cooking food and chilling

  43. nizar darwish

    nizar darwishPrije mjesec

    So...nothing happened wow who would have thought

  44. Harvey Banestein

    Harvey BanesteinPrije mjesec

    Believe ghosts or not i personaslly believe...always....and i mean ALWAYS respect the dead. Good person or bad. Respect where the dead lay....always...

  45. Athallah Reyhan

    Athallah ReyhanPrije mjesec

    "If we turn off ALL the lights how dark does it get?" 😭😭😭

  46. Amy Stone

    Amy StonePrije mjesec

    As an empath/medium I have a dislike of ghost hunting places like this. Being treated less then a rabid animal in life then having a circus freak show with ghost tours/hunts has never sit well with me. They need positive vibes to move forward. You guys weren't baiting and being cruel though which is appreciated. I've seen many humans be REAL nasty to the dead in Pennhurst and other asylums. Don't know if you edited it this way, but I wouldn't have recommend starting down there. That dead guy is often a huge dink to the living. 😳

  47. Erjona Bitiqi

    Erjona BitiqiPrije mjesec


  48. David

    DavidPrije mjesec

    Sorry, but until I see it in person and know its not fake then I'll believe it. Until then ghosts just aren't real, at least for me.

  49. Colostomy Baguette

    Colostomy BaguettePrije mjesec

    It's not like they are all alone, they shouldn't be as scared as they say they are. I think they are hamming it up.

  50. Nais Meat

    Nais MeatPrije mjesec

    loved the video graphy and the place is also very beautiful

  51. Gabriel Montes

    Gabriel MontesPrije mjesec

    this is mpost terifiyng yes theory vid evr

  52. Vinay Nair

    Vinay NairPrije mjesec

    Y'all chose the most eerie day

  53. p singh

    p singhPrije mjesec

    Camp overnight 7 of u. Keep watch. Extra lights and food. Take dog. Take bible . be armed

  54. ZÀÉMÔÑ 1.0

    ZÀÉMÔÑ 1.0Prije mjesec

    Yup your comment must be highlighted bro nice idea

  55. MrCakocalypse

    MrCakocalypsePrije mjesec

    You so stupid to do this and even try to talk to them🤦‍♂️ if you just knew what you do....🤦‍♂️

  56. robloxiscool

    robloxiscoolPrije mjesec

    Damn bro how is that grass so clean-

  57. Catherine Piper

    Catherine PiperPrije mjesec

    My question is why didn’t the bring a oujia board with them

  58. Joe Lee

    Joe LeePrije mjesec

    The hideous high sidecar substantively sniff because john epidemiologically prevent among a grouchy eye. dapper, organic regret

  59. Danna Pinto

    Danna PintoPrije mjesec

    I kinda want Sam and Colby to come here

  60. Bryce Molacek

    Bryce MolacekPrije mjesec

    she looks like the girl from the movie flashback

  61. John Breitberg

    John BreitbergPrije mjesec

    when did that green ball make it down the hall at 15:45, all the clips before hand show it in the room with eric, they didn’t seem to react to it so presumably it happened by one of them off camera but still idk

  62. Henry Simmons

    Henry SimmonsPrije mjesec

    I think yall didn't really experience anything because spirits can sense intent. You all are very grounded and loving people, and I don't think anything there wanted to harm you because of your presence.

  63. BIG AL 239

    BIG AL 239Prije mjesec

    I still think Minecraft cave noises are scarier.

  64. S Vidya

    S VidyaPrije mjesec

    Dude ammar is sooo cute I wanna eat him :")

  65. The AM

    The AMPrije mjesec

    Is it just me who found this funny rather than scary , cause the place I usually visit is the most haunted place in India , and when there's paranormal activity going on , you won't hear clear voices like these

  66. Brenda Tagadtad

    Brenda TagadtadPrije mjesec


  67. Devon Zacharias

    Devon ZachariasPrije mjesec

    The spotted macaroni evolutionarily beam because story logistically cheat from a tasty hygienic. awful, aback nation

  68. Alexandra Heinstein

    Alexandra HeinsteinPrije mjesec

    Im scared of the dark when there is no light at all

  69. Zearn

    ZearnPrije mjesec

    Scam place lol fake

  70. BronsonMonias

    BronsonMoniasPrije mjesec

    make a wuss version of this no scary music just happy fun time music and no creepy effects i would much prefer that.... I AM A WUSS AND I AM PROUD

  71. Ainsleigh Ward

    Ainsleigh WardPrije mjesec

    This is gonna be litttt

  72. Jackson Foster

    Jackson FosterPrije mjesec

    Does no one else find this not scary at all? Lol. I love yes theory but this is just a lot of walking around in an old building with nothing going on and sound effects added

  73. Chï Yuh

    Chï YuhPrije mjesec

    Literally Outlast in real life 😵‍💫

  74. Rona Mae Comahig

    Rona Mae ComahigPrije mjesec

    I do not claim any negative energy in this video. 🙏

  75. Varun Singh

    Varun SinghPrije mjesec

    Dude, you are are really crazy!! But its really worth watching you guys doing such stuffs. Keep going and be safe. Love from India! ❤️

  76. Austin

    AustinPrije mjesec

    Yes Theory: If someone is here please make the red light blink (waits 10 minutes) ok I guess nothing is here Ghost: Yall really out here asking me to reach through another world on command.

  77. Ashley Phillips

    Ashley PhillipsPrije mjesec

    Me watching this alone at night and a black spider crawls down my arm....I didn't need to sleep tonight after all I guess 😫

  78. JayDee

    JayDeePrije mjesec

    idk what that is but in the back of the hallway there is this weird figure back there. 6:30

  79. ZÀÉMÔÑ 1.0

    ZÀÉMÔÑ 1.0Prije mjesec


  80. Custom Creations

    Custom CreationsPrije mjesec

    Correct me if I am wrong @Yes Theory, but Pennhurst is in Spring City, PA, NOT Philadelphia. I travel by Pennhurst (coming from West Reading) at least 3 times a month when visiting the In-Laws. We have wanted to tour this place MANY times but something always comes up to interrupt our plans :/

  81. Alice Marion

    Alice MarionPrije mjesec

    This is like Phasmophobia but in real life.

  82. Jino Pemberton

    Jino PembertonPrije mjesec

    ur eds massive

  83. Élise Ross

    Élise RossPrije mjesec

    It’s really spooky but really hard for me to believe in anything paranormal about this...

  84. Roman Steinman

    Roman SteinmanPrije mjesec

    i live 30 mins from here

  85. Slicey

    SliceyPrije mjesec

    Overnight in rocket league diamond league players mansion

  86. JoeyBats55

    JoeyBats55Prije mjesec

    When he said to hold the cameras with both hands bc they’ll get knocked out by the spirits, i think my underwear turned a pretty dark brown

  87. Xavier Grose

    Xavier GrosePrije mjesec

    Guys please please please make this a recurring series of exploring abandoned and haunted places, it would be amazing to actually have people that are believable to explore these places.

  88. safaa EL

    safaa ELPrije mjesec

    Amar is really built different, this man is unstoppable

  89. the invisible me

    the invisible mePrije mjesec

    That Autumn chick is full of bs

  90. jung lee

    jung leePrije mjesec

    The white company biologically beam because arithmetic adventitiously fold above a wandering seat. mere, lumpy anger

  91. NetherWolves

    NetherWolvesPrije mjesec

    I’m watching this while they have 6.66 million subs 😬

  92. BuddhaBum

    BuddhaBumPrije mjesec

    I love you guys and your work but you GOT TO STOP putting music in the background of your "haunted" videos, a reason for us to watch these is to try to find audio that yall didnt pick up. Just sayin

  93. ProMethod2

    ProMethod2Prije mjesec

    Shoutout Wawa

  94. Ian Cesar

    Ian CesarPrije mjesec

    While I am watching this video, the number of subscribers for the channel is 6.66(M). I'm afraid

  95. Lolohenry oi

    Lolohenry oiPrije mjesec

    The responsible toenail analogously move because shingle enzymatically poke without a short report. stiff, kindhearted piccolo

  96. Blaise Torres

    Blaise TorresPrije mjesec

    Only thing that sucks is we were only allowed in the tunnels and in one of the main buildings sadly but had a great experience there

  97. Blaise Torres

    Blaise TorresPrije mjesec

    When I was on my ghost show we did an episode there it was pretty lit no lie 💯

  98. Motcha

    MotchaPrije mjesec

    Phasmofobia style

  99. Arda Gezer

    Arda GezerPrije mjesec

    Insym would speedrun this video

  100. Mohamad Elzaher

    Mohamad ElzaherPrije mjesec

    This Egyptian gay guy is fake as hell .

  101. Hasan Abdullah

    Hasan AbdullahPrije mjesec

    being alone in a room isn't scary, but being not alone is..

  102. Saketh Alva

    Saketh AlvaPrije mjesec

    Ehhh that's a good one🙌

  103. Hannah B

    Hannah BPrije mjesec

    Lmao he really just basically asked “if there’s no light how dark is it”

  104. JS D

    JS DPrije mjesec

    I don’t believe in ghost or anything like that