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    Thank you for such an amazing season. The fam has grown and we’re so excited to take what we’ve learned from this season and come back twice as hard in May. We’re not taking any breaks from filming just from posting, currently typing this as we’re about to go film a new episode that’s going to be... Interesting 😅 see you in a few weeks!! 🤘

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    The Oracle of WhimsyPrije 2 mjeseci

    An interesting concept but too much ageism. They always ask young people to participate. I think it would be nice to include all kinds of people in your experiment.

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    Is it date if you're being filmed and other people are involved constantly watching and being involved (petting the puppies and hanging out on their date), like The Bachelor though... not going to get a real authentic version of them with nerves and cameras. If I had people filming and constantly checking up on me, I wouldn't be able to be myself

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