We Tracked Down YouTube's Lost Viral Legends... Where Are They?

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HRcharts is the main platform we call home.. But what happened to the earliest viral legends of the platform. Well after weeks of searching, we went looking for them around the globe and the stories we heard were both inspiring and eye-opening. Who surprised you the most?

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  1. InDrone Productions

    InDrone ProductionsPrije 5 sati

    so many wearing those hipster glasses these days

  2. Ser Arthur Dayne

    Ser Arthur DaynePrije 9 sati

    Horrible treatment of David he needs an apology

  3. Zachary Zymantas

    Zachary ZymantasPrije dan

    David hated this

  4. Ivy Hnin

    Ivy HninPrije 2 dana

    The David segment was not it.... I always enjoy Yes Theory every time they come up in my recommendations but this really soured my impression of them. Poor kid deserves an apology.

  5. Michael

    MichaelPrije 2 dana

    Love how I’ll randomly come across Tay Zonday commenting on all sorts of different HRcharts videos. Seems like a genuine guy being a genuine fan of things. Made me a fan of his.

  6. aaron _

    aaron _Prije 3 dana

    Mannnnn you guys came to Huntsville and I had no idea :/ I was 15 min away from you guys that’s so crazy

  7. Sonia Paletta

    Sonia PalettaPrije 3 dana

    I loved hearing about the creativity of HRcharts sensations, such a different perspective to hear! P.S. pleaseee visit Long Island 🥺

  8. Nithiya Shree

    Nithiya ShreePrije 4 dana

    I know where the QR isssss!

  9. Albert Quintero

    Albert QuinteroPrije 4 dana

    Thomas stroking his beard every time 😂

  10. George Gutierrez II

    George Gutierrez IIPrije 5 dana

    That dentist's dark circles makes me think he is high as giraffe balls.

  11. alyssatalb

    alyssatalbPrije 5 dana

    Did not like how you handled your time with David, you were complaining about waiting 10 minutes so he could help his gf? You sounded so entitled. I've been a fan of Yes Theory for a long time but was extremely disappointed to see how you guys acted with him.

  12. TheBlersh

    TheBlershPrije 5 dana

    David got roasted at the dentist 🤦‍♂️😂😂

  13. Elena

    ElenaPrije 6 dana

    Thomas: "If you're not subscribed.." Me: Why aren't you?😁😁 Love you guys❤❤❤

  14. 5thDawg

    5thDawgPrije 6 dana

    I feel sorry for the David dude. That wasn't funny at all. I thought the guy was joking at first. He seems like a innocent dude just tryna get by in life.

  15. sami .k

    sami .kPrije 7 dana

    What is with you guys and google.. you guys have some secret relationship going on..🧐

  16. Kenan Ömer

    Kenan ÖmerPrije 7 dana

    This aint it chief

  17. 8 Lives

    8 LivesPrije 7 dana

    HE actually got a water pick as a gift..?? This kid spent part of his day and that he gets a joke

  18. Tehani Reyes

    Tehani ReyesPrije 7 dana

    I need to know where the McDonald's rap guys are and the legend who sang about SHOES...SHOES..LET'S GET SOME SHOES LOL

  19. Jonald Sidetrip Vlogs

    Jonald Sidetrip VlogsPrije 7 dana

    Tracking down legends that gives the youtube community the first funniest thing that happened to their lives. Great job 👏

  20. Sia Lewis

    Sia LewisPrije 7 dana

    AWESOME!!!!!! I always wonder what happened to him. Internet legends love it

  21. Ihncheol Jung

    Ihncheol JungPrije 7 dana

    I wish Antoine was there to protect my sister when she got raped. Rape is so awful on the whole family but especially for the victims they have to suffer for the rest of their lives. My sister says it feels worse that Murder cause your killing someones soul and they have to live with it while the man usually gets away cause Political corruption and sexism.

  22. Cam Rod

    Cam RodPrije 8 dana

    You all are such beautiful souls. Thank you for existing.

  23. Brianna Nicole

    Brianna NicolePrije 9 dana

    I Said YES to Colorado! we just got back and i want to travel everywhere now!!!! First time on a airplane!!

  24. Lombo007

    Lombo007Prije 9 dana

    Hide ur kids guy reminds me of Ronaldinho....am I the only one ???

  25. Balázs Mészáros

    Balázs MészárosPrije 10 dana

    This one should have more episodes. :) I'm curious to see whether the sneezing panda is still alive :D

  26. Chinmay Kadu

    Chinmay KaduPrije 10 dana

    Interview "Corpse husband"

  27. Noah Smith

    Noah SmithPrije 10 dana

    Forget YesTheory, Buzzfeed has a better interview on Facebook.

  28. Noah Smith

    Noah SmithPrije 10 dana

    Not a fan on how Yes Theory isn't explaining what happened with David and the dentist. Care to explain what happened, Thomas?

  29. Pontus Bülow

    Pontus BülowPrije 10 dana

    bruh david didnt ask to meet up

  30. Fatma Abdulhadi

    Fatma AbdulhadiPrije 11 dana

    David should release a diss track on that dentist

  31. Fatma Abdulhadi

    Fatma AbdulhadiPrije 11 dana

    I have to disagree with that unprofessional dentist and say that David is actually cuter now

  32. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of WaterPrije 12 dana

    David is great!

  33. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of WaterPrije 12 dana


  34. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of WaterPrije 12 dana


  35. Ben Duck

    Ben DuckPrije 12 dana

    I was literally just in Seattle. Did I see this man?

  36. Faadu Feed

    Faadu FeedPrije 12 dana

    I love you guys but this video is so lame. You guys loosing the spark.

  37. D. Leighann Batemon

    D. Leighann BatemonPrije 13 dana

    My husband sent me this link because I was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at the age of 32. Suddenly, all the pieces of the puzzle that constituted my life fell into place, and it was amazing! Totally changed my world to have coping mechanisms and understand masking, which explained why social situations had always been so exhausting to me, even though I could pretend I was enjoying the moments at parties and larger gatherings.

  38. Mayo

    MayoPrije 14 dana

    Ouch, that David one had me gritting my teeth. Feel sorry for him.

  39. Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of Water

    Matej Matyáš Nazaretský, The God Of WaterPrije 14 dana


  40. Qoro Tuilawa

    Qoro TuilawaPrije 15 dana

    Yes thoery, and subscribers, my brother from another mother, Kamel Green, has created an app, for college students that emodies Yes Theory's, NUMBER ONE QUOTE!! .. SEEK DISCOMFORT

  41. Ta'Myia Rich

    Ta'Myia RichPrije 16 dana

    What yall went to Huntsville 😒😪

  42. lenssa shifara

    lenssa shifaraPrije 16 dana

    You guys need to come to Toronto and do the scavenger hunt PLEASE !!!

  43. JMoney

    JMoneyPrije 16 dana

    So can we get a part 2?????

  44. tkreft1128

    tkreft1128Prije 16 dana

    I remember reading that Antoine and the Gregory Brothers said they split the iTunes download profits from the song 50/50. And that's how he moved his family away from that dangerous neighborhood. I hope that was true.

  45. Bailey Smith

    Bailey SmithPrije 17 dana

    imagine getting famous cause you reported a sexual harassment case on your sister on the news and people made memes about it

  46. Kev In

    Kev InPrije 17 dana

    I feel like this idea was stolen from wavywebsurf

  47. Valerie Verrinder

    Valerie VerrinderPrije 17 dana

    I remember watching Chocolate Rain when the video came out 💀 Makes me feel old. I was 12 😂 oof

  48. Jonathan Campos

    Jonathan CamposPrije 17 dana

    After hearing the dentist, I immediately went to brush my teeth, floss, and cleaned my tongue.

  49. Latoya Tangelo

    Latoya TangeloPrije 18 dana

    That dentist was an asshole to David.

  50. Phil Cartar

    Phil CartarPrije 19 dana

    Y'all fucked up...Poor David

  51. Ruby Shepherd

    Ruby ShepherdPrije 19 dana

    obsessively examining every huntsville shot to see if my car is in the background lmao

  52. Cyaneyed

    CyaneyedPrije 20 dana

    that dentist was awsome xD

  53. Rosemary Schiebel

    Rosemary SchiebelPrije 20 dana

    So love this guy!

  54. mark pahilanga

    mark pahilangaPrije 20 dana

    Thumbs up if you agree to have a re do of David's interview. The YES guys needs to make it up to him for that awkward segment. 🤞

  55. Kilgore

    KilgorePrije 20 dana

    that dentist went IN

  56. itzZION

    itzZIONPrije 20 dana

    David definitely regrets meeting up💀

  57. Anonymous One

    Anonymous OnePrije 20 dana

    The actual random dentist was the star of this whole vid 😂😂😂. Antoine is a real life hero. His sister is so luck to have such a loving and protective brother/father figure in her life.

  58. Stephanie Derry

    Stephanie DerryPrije 21 dan

    Awww I felt bad for David! He got the shorter end of the stick in this video.

  59. Jay Calvin

    Jay CalvinPrije 21 dan

    Damn such an idiot that dentist 😬

  60. StitchJones74

    StitchJones74Prije 21 dan

    lame video, un-subbed.

  61. Mafia Fiat

    Mafia FiatPrije 21 dan

    16:48 That 3D looking spit coming out, almost wiped my face off

  62. manny s

    manny sPrije 21 dan

    David's gotta good smile for someone that has "bad gums" That dentist has some high standards BUT that's kinda of a good thing... sometimes you need a good kick in the as$ to get back up!!!! For real tho Dave should capitalize on this and he doesn't need to become a dentist but even a spokesperson for dental hygiene might change his life!!!

  63. icanseeyourpixels

    icanseeyourpixelsPrije 21 dan

    You can see on David’s face how hurt he was): the dentist was trying to be funny yea but he didn’t know when to drop it. & I can’t IMAGINE how it must’ve felt watching this & seeing them laughing at him for helping his gf…very patronizing & ugly. Apologize to David cus this was a dick move.

  64. John-Patrick Pantoja

    John-Patrick PantojaPrije 22 dana

    Ya'll are the entertainers of my life

  65. Danah Tararwa

    Danah TararwaPrije 22 dana

    When people see that video it was a funny and real story through all this years people still remember it it’a just incredible

  66. Pruthvi Varma

    Pruthvi VarmaPrije 22 dana

    Ooho missed... Charlie bit me. But I still like what I have seen 👍🏻

  67. Kirby is cool

    Kirby is coolPrije 23 dana

    please apologize to david :(

  68. Lee Chimfwembe

    Lee ChimfwembePrije 24 dana

    #DavidDeserveAnApology #boycottYesTheory

  69. Nicolas Pierce

    Nicolas PiercePrije 4 dana

    Shut up, you are cancel culture

  70. Pooja Chauhan

    Pooja ChauhanPrije 25 dana

    Honestly, the first interview was so good but David's part... Na man, he doesn't deserve that kind of treatment.

  71. Furkan Keskin

    Furkan KeskinPrije 25 dana

    find the TECHNO VİKİNG

  72. NobodyxX

    NobodyxXPrije 25 dana

    Poor david come on guys you can do better

  73. Mav R

    Mav RPrije 25 dana

    Omg that dentist was the absolute worst, dentists like him are why people hate and fear going to the dentist. He was so gross, I wish y'all would have done something different for David, poor guy.

  74. Tyra Darrow-Jaime

    Tyra Darrow-JaimePrije 25 dana

    NO WAY I used to vibe to Hide Your Kids lool I love this so much

  75. Danplaysart2

    Danplaysart2Prije 26 dana

    Me leaving the dentist after I meet him is this real life

  76. rico

    ricoPrije 26 dana

    I don't understand of all those dislike...

  77. Pickle Juice

    Pickle JuicePrije 22 dana

    I think it's because of David's part.


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  79. Element Bey

    Element BeyPrije 26 dana

    ebaumsworld lmaooo

  80. carissa fidik

    carissa fidikPrije 26 dana

    So, how's his sister doing after all that?? Poor girl. Thank God he was there. Regardless if his new found celebrity status, thank God he was there. Bless the fam.

  81. Mav R

    Mav RPrije 25 dana

    Right?! Idk if it's because I'm a SA survivor myself but the whole time during that interview I just kept thinking "ok I'm glad Antoine is doing good, but how is his sister doing? Is she OK?" I understand not wanting to put that out in the public at the same time of course as that is personal af, I just hope that she is healed and doing OK bc I know how much it can fuck you up to go through something that traumatic.

  82. Macy H

    Macy HPrije 26 dana

    Love this so much!! I'm glad to see them all doing well after all the years. Great video guys❤

  83. Roy Thuv

    Roy ThuvPrije 26 dana

    Wtf!? David got burnt like he was an adult..

  84. Mellwie Everblaze

    Mellwie EverblazePrije 27 dana

    That dentist gave me major Bones (star trek) energy

  85. Conrad Zimmer

    Conrad ZimmerPrije 27 dana

    Very cool, thank you!!

  86. Elle M

    Elle MPrije 27 dana

    That dentist was a diiiiiick. Poor David!

  87. Griffin Johnson

    Griffin JohnsonPrije 27 dana

    I’m from Huntsville and I’m pissed because I had no idea they were in town!!! I know every place they went to!!!

  88. Cruz Arcia

    Cruz ArciaPrije 27 dana

    Sorry but going to unsubscribe because you guys did David wrong. That was just messed up and you could tell he was not comfortable.

  89. David Ngonyo

    David NgonyoPrije 27 dana

    David was violated big time damn

  90. TB19

    TB19Prije 27 dana

    I feel bad for David. He deserves an apology for that half-assed interview. Although he’s a young person, he should’ve been given the same respect as the other interviewees. You should be ashamed of yourself, Yes Theory. He deserved so much better.

  91. E B.

    E B.Prije 27 dana

    Let’s run of this back for a part 2 and please find mz peachez from fry that chicken 😂

  92. Pedro

    PedroPrije 27 dana

    Do the Deez Nutz Guy i heard he's in Las Vegas homeless it would be nice if you guys could help lift him up.

  93. ru W

    ru WPrije 28 dana

    Have been a fan for a while but this video specifically David’s part was not it. How are you going to promote kindness etc etc but actively treat someone like that and let them be uncomfortable. I should’ve trusted myself when I felt bad vibes from your homeless video. Yall continue to show how VERY arrogant and fake y’all are.

  94. Pink ette

    Pink ettePrije 28 dana

    Bro, you just made him relive his trauma! :(

  95. Mandy Self

    Mandy SelfPrije 28 dana

    This was posted on my birthday! 😁

  96. Pickle Juice

    Pickle JuicePrije 22 dana

    Happy birthday. I'm late but here's a gift : 🎁 Open | \ / 💐🍫

  97. Hanavesigoblini

    HanavesigobliniPrije 29 dana

    OK but can you guys find out where Vallaton100 is?

  98. Austin Schargorodski

    Austin SchargorodskiPrije 29 dana

    Dang, that Dentist sure had a bone to pick. Or should I say a tooth.

  99. Stephen Gibson

    Stephen GibsonPrije 29 dana

    In a time in my life, where everything seems lost. Having a positive outlet like Yes Theory, to encourage me to challenge myself and live the most authentic life has been truly a blessing. To anyone else going threw something in there life, seek discomfort & follow you heart.

  100. Austin Wilwayco

    Austin WilwaycoPrije mjesec

    Go Gators!

  101. E J

    E JPrije mjesec

    Wow, no Charlieeee?

  102. Nina 88

    Nina 88Prije mjesec

    Omg I love Antoine’s personality

  103. Shpritza

    ShpritzaPrije mjesec

    watching youtube for a long time is watching from 2006 till today...OG xD